Glavine Shows Braves Who's Boss, 4-1

There haven't been many moments of to be proud of for these Mets this last month.

We don't have to run through the litany of cock-ups, meltdowns, insults to the fantasy of the post-season, and general incompetence. They are there to be seen like a trail of blood behind a bitch in heat. The Mets had us fooled for awhile but in the end, they couldn't fool their opponents.

So perhaps that's what makes Tom Glavine's sublime six-hit performance against his former team, the gang that has terrorised the Mets for well over a decade and ever since his move to Shea, that much more bittersweet.

Willie and Mr Tom Enjoy the Moment

We've taken two of three at home from the NL East beast on its way to its 14th consecutive NL East title but they were in essence, a meaningless two of three after the flood's tides have just begun to recede and leave behind the evidence of destruction in its wake.

Is it meant to be encouraging? A warning shot fired over the bow to our greatest enemies outside of the Bronx? Or is it merely a harmless snarl after years of getting kicked and practically forgotten?

There's no telling about next year, no telling how Glavine might fare in his quest for 300 career victories, no telling if his added pitches and new attitude will be enough to offset age and the team of blundering failures he joined in 2002. So far, his new team has failed to even produce a .500 season, let alone a championship.

And for awhile yesterday, it didn't seem to matter how well Glavine pitched. Upon taking a shutout into the sixth inning, he surrendered a homer to Marcus Giles to quickly make it what normally seems against these Braves, an insurmountable 1-0 lead.

Victor Diaz, from his free-swinging #2 perch in the order doubled Jose Reyes home in the bottom of the 6th and was swiftly followed by Carlos Beltan's double to allow the Mets to take the lead. Then, almost incomprehensibly, as they'd drawn it up in the pregame, Cliff Floyd pounded his career-high 32nd homer of the season to make it 4-1. Just like that the Mets erased a Braves lead and didn't look back.

Of course, it took Glavine finishing the game himself rather than handing it over to a heartbreak bullpen to actually earn the victory but doing what it takes is something the Mets have not had much success at this season so for a change, the Braves leave town without dropping the Mets in the dumper on the way out.

Needless to say, Mets fans were also heartened by the introduction of Anderson Hernandez playing second base to form what might one day be the Mets super future infield: Wright at 3rd, Reyes at short, Hernandez at 2nd and perhaps Jacobs at first if he isn't coerced into catching instead.

Not bad at all. Hernandez was named the top player at AA Birmingham and Jacobs was named the Mets minor league player of the year. Brian Bannister, who may eventually climb to stardom for the Mets was named their minor league pitcher of the year.

After yesterday, we might be encouraged to hope again, until the memories of this disappointments come flickering back again.


Even with the victory the Mets are still an embarassing three games below .500, left to play the spoiler in their three game series against the Marlins.

As predicted, the Willie Randolph bobblehead giveaway produced a few extras. Rumoured to have an incredible 25,000 bobbleheads available, the crowd only numbered 7,500 and god only knows how many of them even WANTED a Willie Randolph bobblehead. Not unless it can take out the trash or walk the dog.

And as the Marlins approach, it looks like we can no longer deride Carlos Delgado for brushing off the Mets offseason advances and signing for the Marlins because they had a better chance at the postseason.


Lastly how about this kids? The season isn't even over yet and already, the Manny For Beltran rumours have begun.

I wouldn't make this trade. I wouldn't even consider it. I'd laugh in the face of anyone who suggest it. Maybe even spit in their face. Pedro would probably like it but really, no matter how clutch Manny has been, no doubt a Queens ending to his career would prove to be a long series of injuries, disappointments and recriminations against whatever idiot made the trade to begin with. Let the Sox keep their headaches and that payroll eater. We've already got enough headaches as it is.

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