Was There Ever Any Doubt In Your Mind?

Be honest now...

Not only does he slide, but now he dances!

After Pedro Feliciano blew the Mets' fragile one-run lead in the 6th inning by allowing Raul Ibanez to homer on one pitch, you knew it was just a matter of time, great bullpen or no great bullpen, before the Mets found a way to lose this one, dinchya?

Is this the Joe Smith Walk of Shame or the Scott Schoeneweis Walk of Shame?

I will admit myself that I expected the Phillies to win this game in regulation. It was rather shocking that they didn't pull it off until the 10th inning and even then, only after Sean Green gave up a single, hit a guy and walked two more to allow the winning run to walk home.

Why is it accepted baseball logic that your closer sits in the pen with the game tied on the road and you are only one pitch from losing the game? I mean the entire premise, that you will score a run, have a lead to protect in what, say the 12th or 13th inning, is rather convoluted. If you have a lead, it will take at least two runs to beat you. If the game is tied, only one run will beat you. Wouldn't it make more sense having your best reliever out there NOT GIVING UP THE ONE RUN THAT CAN BEAT YOU rather than worrying about the outside chance your choking dog team that hasn't scored after the 5th inning in like 3 years is magically going to score in the late innings and have a lead for the closer to protect?

It's stupid, stupid adherence to ideas that simply aren't applicable to the Mets. It demonstrates Manuel is an idiot. An idiot who follows baseball logic in lieu of reality. He might as well as have pitched the 10th himself. Sean Green has an 8.76 ERA for crissakes. He gave up FOUR runs in one inning in his last outing against the Marlins a few days ago and the only reason he didn't give up twice that amount against the Phillies last night is that the won the game as soon as he gave up the first run!

Well, at least K-Rod is rested. For that late run in September, hahahahahahahaha.

Are you wondering where the rabid spittle-laden diatribe on Ollie Perez is?

I'm not going to bother, that's where. I believe at this point there isn't a human on earth who thinks Perez is mentally or physically fit enough to pitch in the Major Leagues.

Buffalo? You think they want this tosser? (And I mean "tosser" in the sense of what it means in England, not some baseball short hand for pitcher....)

Where are you hiding now, scumbag?

Is Buffalo realistically a deep enough demotion? Why don't we go and find Vinny Castillo, who abused Ollie in his stint for Team Mexico and leave him on the front door?

Better still, ship him to St Lucie and have him change places with Jenrry Mejia, who has allowed one earned run or fewer in four of his five starts?

Bah, what difference does it make?

This is not a team that should be taken seriously, despite its payroll, a team that can't come from behind or win in the late innings. Yes, they did come back a time or two yesterday, cut deficits, showed they don't ALWAYS just roll over and play dead but these were tentative little moments. Even when the Mets went ahead in the fifth by a run EVERYONE knew that lead wouldn't hold, right? What does that tell you about the Mets?

In an unrelated query, does any one know why Jose Reyes, 0 for 5 last night, is hitting only .213 on the road this season?


Well, today, lucky day. We face Joe Blanton.

This is a joke, really. If you look at the quality of starting pitchers the Mets have faced in this series against the Phillies you'd think we could have swept this series easily. I mean, Chan Ho Park, Jamie Moyer and Blanton. You think WE have problems? Try making these three chumps the core of your rotation.

Sure, none of them are Ollie Perez but do they have to be? This trio has combined to give up 57 runs in just 70 cumulative innings pitched. Is there a good reason the Mets are not scoring double digits every game in this series?

Shake your head and spit. It's the Mets, 2009. Shake your head and spit.


jdon said...

So here I am, finally home, ready to settle down and watch a Met loss to the Phillies, and I hear that the game has been cancelled beause there is a 90% chance of rain today for Philly? I am wondering: is it raining now? Isn't that the way they used to make these calls? Can you imagine cancelling anything based on a weather report? With the kind of percentage accuracy that weathermen (noticed I do not call them meteorologists) have? Why would the Phillies cancel any game against the Mets when there was a 10% chance of playing? Their starters stink so it does not matter who goes out there. Or who pitches tomorrow. They win by bullpen and the clubbability of the other team. Where the Phillies are concerned, the Mets are eminently clubbable. So I don't get it.

I.M. Forme said...

Actually, i think the phillies were going to run Oil Can Boyd out there today and rest Blanton for a real team.

mutha nature just setting us up to get swept in a double header later in the season.

Jaap said...

it's whacked, it is, jdon, cancelling because of the chance of rain. I think it was a higher conspiracy, an outbreak of swine flu in the Mets front office that caused the cancellation. did it even rain in Philly?

Jaap said...

Mr Forme, I'm putting money on the tail end of their September series, since they both have a day off and it would turn it into a 4-game series which should be sufficient to destroy any remaining prayer the Mets might have had. Or ironically, Hampton will pitch like a 1 hitter for the 'Stros on the final game of the season to eliminate us. Ha! what mad speculation, what lunacy to expect the Mets will be anywhere near the playoffs this time in September! Who cares when they reschedule it. At the rate the Mets are playing they'll be done and dusted by the All Star break.

jdon said...

It is my unconsidered opinion that if these mets were in the animal kingdom, they would be classified as ruminants. I have seen more energy on display at an alpaca farm than I see demonstrated in the meadows of Citifield. Do you realize that three of our most talented players,: Beltran, Reyes
and Delgado, display zero leadership qualities, and our fourth talented guy, David Wright, would clearly like to lead, but has a squeaky voice. And all everyone talks about is lack of leadership. I agree with this. But even if you cannot lead, can you at least run hard to first base? None of these guys does that. If your four best players loaf down the line, what can you expect from the rest? I am not even talking about the non-sliding on the part of Beltran, whioch is totally inexcusable. Fernando Tatis is the only guy I see running hard to first base all the time. This team oozes lethargy. I would say they are impossible to watch, but I watch them. I will say this: they are not impossible not to watch. I've been doing more of that lately. And surviving quite nicely.

P.S. I herewith refuse to capitalize the "m" in mets until they start playing like men. Please remind me if I forget.

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