Mets Squeak Out Another Victory Taking Advantage of Phillie Mistakes

It was tense.

It was compelling.

It was a victory.

The Mets third victory in a row coming against the Braves and Phillies.


This evening it was a dominating Johan Santana facing an inexplicably dominant Chan Ho Park with the Mets getting a breather only when Park was foolishly lifted for a pinch hitter in the 7th.

The Chan Ho of a Decade Ago.

Once Park was gone, so was the Phillie magic.

In the bottom half of the inning Carlos Delgado led off with a walk and eventually scored the lone run of the game, dodgy hip and all, galloping around the bases after Pedro "Happy" Feliz inexplicably threw the ball over first base and right fielder Jayson Werth inexplicably held on to the ball rather throwing home immediately. A sliding Delgado just beat the eventual throw home for the lone run of the game.

In fact, inexplicable all around. It was almost as though the Phillies had conspired to give the Mets a run. Just so they could kick them in the shins in the 9th.

Then came Pedro Feliciano, pitching beautifully and surprise-surprise, K-Rod to close it out despite a lengthy outing the night before in Atlanta.

Just like that, a third victory in a row and a nice clean victory over the Phillies at home.

If you want to moan, perhaps wonder why only the Mets couldn't a single hit off Park until Murphy's double with two out in the 5th.

But that's splitting hairs. This was a satisfying win to inch back to .500.

Now let's see 90 more.


jdon said...

A very exciting game. Love 1-0 games. But the elements of met disaster were present everywhere. Once again the vaunted offense was in last- weekend-of-the-season mode, being shut down by a tomato can like Park. We also know that Flopciano had a career inning last night, do we not? His litany of failures is preordained to continue. Finally, can we really expect the Phillies to make three errors in a game when the chips are REALLY down? Okay, I'll take the win. But I still shudder.

Jaap said...

well yes, jdon, a 10-0 victory would have been infinitely more comforting but I guess we've got to take what they'll give us at this point. After all, imagine if we'd have ended up losing 2-1 or 3-1...yeah, lack of hitting was disappointing but on the other hand I was rather heartened, even if it ended up being for naught, having Sheffield and Church coming off the bench to pinch hit in the late innings.

jdon said...

Well yes, I am glad we won too. But I did not see ANYTHING encouraging. Johan did what he does all the time. And so did everyone else, except Jason Werth, who should have had Delgado by 30 feet at home. Is Delgado actually moving when he runs? He looks like he is on a treadmill. Now tonight, if Pelfrey throws dars and we score some funs, I may be encouraged AND happy.

Jaap said...

so jdon - last night must have been pleasing for you then, eh?