Moyer's Batting Practice Outing Lets Mets Jump Ahead Early And For Good

The Mets beat up Jamie Moyer with a pair of two-run homers, one from Beltran and one from David Wright in the first inning to turn an early 1-0 deficit into a 4-1 lead. (Yes, the same Beltran who hadn't had a homer against Moyer in 50 some odd at-bats and the same Wright whose infrequent dalliances into clutch hitting with men on base has been wanting to say the least...)



But are these the new Mets or the same auld Mets with a brief little giddy-up in the stride at the moment?

A three-run lead after the first inning is the first hint. All season to date the Mets have jumped to early leads only to see those leads wither.

Last night, with Big Pelf on the mound steadying the ship and keeping the Phillies quiet, the Mets meticulously added to their lead to make sure there was enough space in there to keep the Phillies' inevitable rally falling short.

Reyes pounded a solo shot in the 2nd to increase the Mets lead to 4; the first three-homer outing from the Mets at Citi Field ever.

Castro's insurance runs interrupt Keef's observations...

Keef's rare appearance with his security crew out of the booth and at the Taqueria queue in the 3rd inning created a rock-star-like scene and saw the Mets load the bases for Castro with only one out and a chance to break the game open for good. Despite hitting .182 as a team with the bases loaded this season, Castro hits a two-run double to expand the Mets lead to an obese 7-1 to finally knock Moyer out of the batting practice game.

From thereafter, with the Mets having laid the ground rules for yet another atypical victory, Keef was followed throughout the stadium, place to place making observations like how good a spot the Acela dining area by the foul pole would be for anti aircraft fire.

Combined with Ron Darling's earlier observations of the grips of Santana and Doc Gooden, an A-One night for the broadcast booth as well. Or maybe it's just the feel good vibe of the Mets bitch-slapping the Phillies.

Hey Ump, how about trying not to be such an incompetent douchebag?!

And by the 8th, circus tactics by the new scumbag extraordinaire Victorino with his forearm shiver to Reyes in the basepaths which ultimately got Jerry ejected as well. His first of the season. Interesting in that you don't often see managers ejected from games where they hold a commanding lead. Just goes to show you these Mets are taking things perhaps a little more seriously than they've looked like they were taking things early on. Does this team have some balls, some street guts, some meanness in them yet?

Then again, with Pedro Feliciano negating whatever good vibes he put out last night by letting this game shrink from 7-2 to 7-5, Jerry must have known innately how desperate the Mets would become in later innings. 11 of the 24 homers Pedro has given up has been against the Phillies. Pedro is not the Phillies Killah but the Phillies Lap Dog. Sure the runs were unearned and certainly undeserved, given that they arose from an ump's idiot call, but the ump didn't give up that homer, innit?

Wonder if it's time to give Church his regular job back in right field until he gets his swing back?

Anyway, K-Rod Kloses 'Em Out yet again to FINALLY move the Mets over .500.

It's clear the Mets


jdon said...

What can I take out of last night's game? Well, David Wright continues to go up the middle, a la the good David Wright. Hopefully this will help restore his clutch hitting abilities. But that is usually a product of temperament. He clearly is angry at Omar, still carping about Omar's edge comment. Good. Flopciano came back to earth, as predicted. The slightest break goes against him and he crumbles. Get rid of him. Pelfrey won. But where is this new Mike Pelfrey, with his new fastball that he throws inside to lefties? He was ordinary, and he still is striking nobody out. A tad disturbing. Still, they won. They did not add a run against the Philly bullpen, which bugs me. That is their pattern. KRod was great. I just want these negative patterns: scoring early and only, choking it up against Chan Ho, putting Feliciano in games, not hitting with bases loaded, not hustling to first EVER, to e remedied. Buti am pleased iwth last night.

Jaap said...

same here, jdon - glad for the victory. and it would be nice if the GM can motivate the young star with words. They need to be meaner. Glad to see Jerry out there arguing three times last night before getting tossed. The Squeaky Clean Mets. Pshaw.

I LOVE YOU said...


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