Mets Discover In Themselves An Offensive Juggernaut in San Francisco

It's been quite a fascinating pair of evenings in San Francisco watching the Mets grow as a team, applying relentless pressure on the base paths with hits and aggressive base running to the point that each night the Giants pitchers have wilted under that pressure resulting in two come-from-behind victories which demonstrate a kind of character the team has been missing in the past.

"That team is playing to win a World Series," Giants catcher Benji Molina said after having been incessantly harassed by aggression on the bases by these Mets. "They are not just playing to be in the playoffs."

Playoffs? World Series? Why just a few weeks ago, these Mets were Mutts. Now look at them. 10 wins in their last 12 games. Rallying from four run deficits to victory.

the tongue of desire.

For the second night in a row David Wright proved his mettle with a clutch hit that helped the Mets to victory.

David Wright? Clutch hit? Are these two suddenly synonymous?

Well, it's still early days and there's still a long September looming ahead in the far distance.

Livan Hernandez was disappointing against the oft-amazing Tim Lincecum, allowing 8 hits and 5 earned runs over 5 innings but the Mets were surprisingly effective against Lincecum, getting 10 hits and 5 runs of their own to keep the game close until the late innings.

Sean Green inflated his already bloated Buffalo ERA to 8.80, giving up a pair of hits and a run in one inning of work but Feliciano, Stokes and Frankie Boy spun three scoreless innings to close the game and the victory out.

Tonight we'll see just how serious these Mets are about scoring runs when Johan takes the mound against Randy Johnson.

I believe, time willing, such an attractive match up is worthy of another LIVE BLOGGING SESSION this evening. Stay tuned, kids.


jdon said...

Kool-Aid, anyone? Really, Jaap. Three years of failure and you are buying in? They have done this before. What I like about this is that they are doing it with Reyes' butt placed firmly on the bench. Proving my point: that you do not need the most exciting player in baseball on your team to win. Especially when the most exciting player in baseball happens to be a loser.

Jaap said...

well, let's face it jdon, they're hot right now. but it isn't September - not buying in all the way they're still sloppy defensively and Wright and Reyes are still achilles heels - you notice how emphatic Jerry is about not hitting Wright in the cleanup spot in Delgado's absence? He KNOWS Wright doesn't have the heart/guts to do it and doesn't intimidate pitchers. What is revealed during this series is that they have depth and "shouldn't" have trouble scoring runs - we knew that before but given the way the season started it shows that even with great hitters, if they choke in the clutch it doesn't matter.

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