Bad News Mets; Baseball Infants

G'won then. Bring me a bucket, I've got to puke.

Even by the Mets' low standards, this game was absolute S-H-I-T-E.

For most of you lucky folks, you can go to bed now, have your nightmares and wake up to a new day.

For me, it's nearly 7 in the morning and this is how my day starts; the inexcusably stupid failure by Ryan Church to touch third on his way to scoring the go ahead run in the 11th which not only removed that go ahead run but ended the inning in mid-rally snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

And it only got worse - Angel Pagan in the Bermuda Triangle (which is my new name for the Mets left field position: batting sixth and playing the Bermuda Triangle, Mr Another Incompetent Fielder...), ignored Carlos Beltran's calls for the ball, failed to move out of the way and caused the ball to glance off Beltran's glove for what was frighteningly close to the game-losing play.

But no, that wasn't the game losing play at all, the Mets had more fun in store for us.

With the bases chucked and one out, the admirable Brian Stokes miraculously induced Orlando Hudson into what should have been an inning-ending/rally-killing double play hopper to new first baseman Jeremy Reed....hang on, First Baseman Jeremy Reed??! The guy Omar signed to spell Beltran in center field from time to time during the season playing first base in the 11th inning of a tie game?

Right. And Reed, as we all know, instead of throwing to the catcher, threw the ball into the stands somewhere near the visitor's dugout and that was it. Game over. Another loss. Another humiliation. Another embarrassment. Even Vin Scully was laughing at these idiots, comparing them to the '62 Mets.

The shine of that brief outburst in San Francisco, the glory of being in sole possession of first place in the NL East, the abject delusions of league domination, are all gone. We can put any crazy ideas about going anywhere in 2009 to rest. Officially.

To be fair, I did think the game was already over once Sean Green entered in the bottom of the 9th and the score tied. I was imagining the punchlines whilst he was warming up. And yet, the Mets managed to last two more innings before finally succumbing to their ultimate destiny - losing.

In fact, I don't feel too compelled to bother even talking about Tim Redding's admirable Met debut.

I mean what difference does it make?

What difference does anything these Mets do make when their mental incompetence, their physical inability to field their positions and their stodgy infatuation with finding new and original ways to lose is always going to be standing there in the way like a big, fat bouncer at the door of a nightclub who won't let you in.

As a small consolation prize, my latest weekly piece at Flushing University.


jdon said...

They have too many guys playing out of position. Even Beltran, who never does this, threw Pagan under the bus and I am glad to hear him talk mad. We have an outfielder at first, a Tatis at short some games, two non-fielders playing the outfield, and worst of all, fat-sloppy-lazy Ramon Castro behind the plate. Did you see this buffoon earlier in the game position himself in front of the plate to receive a throw on a play at home. The runner slid in behind him out of reach. How long has he been playing baseball? He is a physical disgrace. How can a professional team make that many erors and non plays in oen game?l And as for Pagan, who had a career night but will spend 99% of the remainder of his career in AAA, the only reason he plays ahead of a Murphy is his defense, and he tries to hog a ball from the best CF in the league? This team has zero discipline. It is frankly amazing that they have won so many games recently with this bag of defensive frauds. And Jerry should be walked out on the carpet for the terrible fundamentals they have. I am beginning to believe that Jerry is nothing but a shameless self promoter who does not work hard and is trying to reinvent the game with some of his dumb decisions. Have I mentioned Ryan Church? He had a year and a day to score on that ball and missed third. Enough said. Jery killed him in the papers, but said nothing about Pagan's bonehead play that I saw. Where is Reyes? I thought he was guaranteed to start?

Jaap said...

Agreed, jdon, too many people playing positions they aren't familiar with. This is the result of trying to have flexibility on the bench which in theory is not a bad idea until Jerry starts playing them all the time. And he hates Ryan Church for some reason (well before that bonehead failure to touch third). Pagan ignoring a gold glove center fielder, the only truly competent fielder on the team is simply inexcusable. But I sense he's one of Jerry's golden boys.
I'd like to see Omir behind the plate more. I mean, everywhere you turn, holes in the field, weakness. They'll never go far in this position. Not unless they score 10 runs a night.

I.M. Forme said...

i want to correct the misconception that the mets were playing baseball last night. that wasn't baseball.

Jaap said...

Thanks, Mr Forme - indeed, correct you are! Not baseball. This is a comedy troupe

Anonymous said...

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