No Sweep But No Disasters

Yeah, it's disappointing the Mets didn't sweep the Red Sox but after the debacle of LA, if you'd have been told the Mets could take two out of three in Fenway you'd have been more than happy enough to take it.

Was it his amazing speed on the basepaths that made Jerry choose The Magical Murph as his lead off hitter?

And Angel Pagan hitting behind him?

A distinct B-Mets look to their lineup.

And yet they set the table for Beltran in the first, who thanked them by grounding into a double play. That kind of day for the Mets.

Hail delay and a loss.

Why does it take longer for these chimp umpires to even DECIDE whether or not they're going to look at the instant replay?

Inviting Shawn Green into the game is like inviting a carload of destructive punk hooligans into your home and inviting them to vandalise and destroy as much as they'd like.

Come to think of it, the rest of the bullpen didn't do any better either.

I reckon if Big Papi weren't suffering through his steroid hangover (0 for 12 with 7 strikeouts in the series), would the Mets have even taken one of these games?

But he was and the Mets did take two out of three to leave them 5 out of 10 on the biggest road trip of the season. Survived, but only just.

"I'm glad we got out of here alive," Jerry joked now that the open wound of that series against the Dodgers was no longer bleeding freely.

On a sad note, the football team that I support here in England, Newcastle United, lost their battle to avoid relegation yesterday.

In essence, it's like the Mets being demoted to Triple A.

Even by their eccentric standards, Newcastle's season has been chaotic both on and off the field.
Kevin Keegan, who returned last season as a Messiah after the sacking of Sam Allardyce, left in September after falling out with owner Mike Ashley -- a split that provoked bitter hostility towards Ashley from the fans.
The abuse meant Ashley stayed away from St James' Park in the aftermath of Keegan's exit and he put the club up for sale with little success.
His popularity was not helped by the surprise choice of Joe Kinnear to steady the ship but he was beset by health problems, leaving assistant Chris Hughton at the helm before Shearer took over with relegation looming.
Add to that a squad desperately lacking balance and quality and littered with players whose careers appear in terminal decline and relegation always looked on the cards.

So take heart, it could be worse. You could be a Newcastle United supporter as well.


jdon said...

At least your team does something when they do not see success. Omar waits patiently, lnowing he won't be fired. Basically, Pagan is useless, the Nelson Figueroa of the outfield. Ramon Martinez is useless. Get me a Single A shortstop with some reflexes. Castro is useless. Sean Green is useless. Castillo will be useless soon. Feliciano is useless. And Jerry and his cold shoulder is rendering Church useless. Now Redding looks like he might be useless. He really has never been any good. Thank goodness Sheffield has become less useless. Putz is not useless. And after all, he helped us get rid of Heilman. They should build a monument to him. My point is how does Omar get a pass when people say injuries? Look at the Red Sox. Look what they have waiting in the wings. They can carry a lardass like David Ortiz in their starting lineup and still rate as a top team in baseball, probably the best. Why do we settle for something like Omar? (Weekly vituperation re Omar Minaya. GM of the mets)

Jaap said...

have to agree with you on that jdon - Omar seems to be stupidly optimistic (or just stupid) when it comes to injuries and performances. It's funny, the Mets went on a little run when Omar questioned their Edge - someone needs to publically question Omar's ability to fill a roster successfully. He's good at making some choices, getting a few big names in but it's the little places he has no clue, the backup infielders, filling out the rest of the bullpen, etc. As if his attention to detail wanes after awhile - problem is, who is going to call Omar out for that? The Wilpons? They think he shits sugar. Omar is a bit too secure in his job to change his ways.

Anonymous said...

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