Pitching Perplexities: Push For Pedro!

Where's that god-damned panic button when you need it?

"I just don't feel good out there," John Maine said of his pitching thus far. "I'm trying to do something different mechanically every pitch. It's not working. I just feel terrible out there."

This is after pitching against the bloody Italian team, not the defending World Champions.

Now Maine isn't the ace, but he's one of the replacements for the top being consider once the truth finally comes out about Santana's elbow twinges.

You know what's happening on the Phillies? Hot Lips Hamels threw two scoreless innings in his Spring debut.

And look what else! The back end of the rotation, who may have been called upon again, once the truth finally comes out about Santana's elbow twinges, have all taken turns preparing to suck.

Fat Freddy has been virtually useless, Livan was good in his opener but then went on to cause as many concerns as the earlier start caused good feelings and Tim Redding is well, injured. Oh yeah, and The Afterthought Kid, Jon Niese is looking into cheap Buffalo rentals.

As the above-referenced blog points out, Pedro, who I advocated as far back as December for an invitation, is the logical solution and had better be so before the price tag just gets higher.

In his sole start so far, granted against the Orioles Pedro

gave up two runs, but that was due to a wind-blown pop up that landed in front of third baseman Miguel Tejada. Martinez struck out two the next inning and perhaps most importantly hit 91 mph on the radar gun. (Garcia has topped out at 87 mph).

Need we champion the maths on this one?

And wouldn't it be fitting, after an off season of correcting a lamentable bullpen, the staring pitching suddenly goes South.


I.M. Forme said...

ah you're in midseason form.

So many scary quotes. Your evidence might be selective, bt damn, you convinced me...if pedro is hitting 90 on the gun? Throw a couple mil at him to be the clubhouse jester.

I thought it was time to turn the page on Petey, but the key would've been if they had scored an adequate replacement for 5th starter, which is by no means certain right now.

sanchez said...

pedro looked awfully good in his WBC debut, didn't he - 4 k's in 3 innings. he might not be so bad after all but it also looks like santana is going to start opening day so your worries are misplaced.

jdon said...

Omar's theory on he No. 5 starter: invite every has been you can to camp and hope for the best, rather than using analysis and talent evaluation. Omar: shit is shit: piling shit higher does not necessarily make it more attractive

katherine said...

Not Pedro, jaap. I can't help but think he was using steroids during his successful years. Explains why a smallish guy would have such great velocity. He might even be on the list of the 103 positive tests. He's been associated with Angel Presinal. And he's been no good since they started testing for steroids.

Jaap said...

sorry Katherine, I can't buy this one. not just because he said "When a report reveals that close to 100 players were using steroids, I thank God that I've always pitched clean," or that he said "Even when I felt pain in my arm, I got on the mound and pitched in that condition. I was a dominant pitcher in the steroids era,That was a difficult period for pitchers and it makes me happy that all I have done in baseball has been clean. No one can question me. I continued my work without trying any of these substances that are available. No one can question my place in the game."

Of course not even because by now it's clear there were more baseball players on steroids than hippies on acid at a Dead show.

Just because, Katherine, somebody has to hold the torch of innocence and purity in a cynical and ugly world and who better than Pedro?

Or not.

But I have to admit, I'm rather such cynical observations from you, the one I'd imagined as the least cynical of the bunch, would cast aspersions on the thus-far unsullied career of Pedro. For shame, Katherine. For shame.

Jaap said...

selective evidence, Mr Forme? Is there any other kind?

Jaap said...

jdon, indeed, Omar's vision is to overload the coffers with mediocrity and hope he can pluck a gem from one of them. Kind of the way modern art, or subsidised artists of modern art work. Omar is an post-modern artistic genius, jdon. you should appreciate him whilst he's still here to decorate our team in such a noteworthy fashion.

Jaap said...

the irony sanchez, if pelfrey goes down to injury early on and Pedro replaces HIM instead of the other way around like last season.