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The latest rumour is that Jerry is peeved that Omar the Idiot, playing minion to the Wilpons waning finances, made a fool of Jerry by cutting Duaner the day after Jerry had insisted there was hope for Duaner yet.

Omar, a competent GM? Surely yea jest!

I can't really say I disagree with dumping Duaner. We haven't got all summer to find out if he's going to reach pre-accident performance levels and frankly, you've got to consider he was hardly setting the world aflame with his pre-Met performances with the Diamondbacks, Pirates or Dodgers. I reckon the cab crash merely knocked him back to the level of mediocrity he was most comfortable at.

Nevertheless, Jerry's mouth was forced fed his own foot by Omar and Jerry is not at all pleased. Bully for Jerry. Don't take management's bullshit. Omar is a GM who, flush with cash, is a champion at making obvious free agent signings. He also occasionally guesses correctly on players who one might normally consider marginal. But his fatal flaw to date is of course that every team he has put together lately is deficient somewhere. 2006, the glaring flaw was Manager Willie, an Omar choice. 2007, a rubbish bullpen, and heavy reliance on ageing, oft-injured former stars who were more qualified as pensioners than every day Major League players. 2007, same problems, unaddressed and ignored in the publicity storm of signing Johan Santana.

Jerry shares a chuckle with K-Rod over the idea of Omar making bullpen decisions

Come to think of it, considering the bullpens Omar has built over the last several years, how does he qualify to continue making decisions on the bullpen? Jerry's instincts are more reliable at this point, if for no other reason than a lack of qualitative research against that possibility.

So maybe, just maybe, Jerry will be proved right, Duaner will spend the second half of the season thriving for some NL East rival and the Mets will end up yet again with someone else's size 11s in their face.


You've got to wonder what spot in the rotation or bullpen Tim Redding is trying to qualify for. In his Grapefruit League debut he gave up nine runs and eight hits, including three homers, in two innings.


And hey, good news, Santana Survived to pitch another day.


Oops! Looks like Duaner is back


sanchez said...

the rotation seems to be taking shape: One Santana and a cloud of dust. Looks like Omar has managed to create a new "fatal flaw" as you say. this year it will be a starting rotation of bad GM decisions. way to go, Omar

jdon said...

That is the Tim Redding I know and love. It seems he had 8 or 10good performances in 2008--a sad fact that guaranteed him another 5or 6 years of major league employment. But let us not be hasty--he could still eke out a victory in the spring training ERA race with Freddie and Fannie---oops!!--I meant Livan, of course.

I.M. Forme said...

i think we all need to get comfortable with the idea of Livan Hernandez getting meaningful innings for the Mets, before the memory of the El Duque travesty is even faded. This suggests that Omar made some kind of oath with Mrs. Hernandez on her deathbed to keep her sons employed well into their twilight years. Voodoo may have been involved. Anyhow, my method of coping with this: horse tranquilizers, bourbon, and a sheaf of negative articles about Scott K*zmir gathered from local Florida papers. I sit in the bathtub and dunk myself so no one can hear my sobs.

Matt Himelfarb said...

long-time reader of your blog. As always, very nice work. Let me know if you want to publish any of it elsewhere: matthimelfarb@gmail.com

Jaap said...

jdon, here's the thing about Tim Redding: he's really Lastings Milledge. Tim Redding is going to make the team when the team leaves Florida for Cincinnati and everyone's going to scratch their heads going why the FUCK would a guy with an 81.34 ERA make the team and then, perhaps not in Game 1, but sometime in the first week, Ryan Church is going to concuss himself running into a wall chasing a hot dog wrapper blowing in the wind and Tim Redding is going to emerge from the bullpen, unzip his Tim Redding costume and Lastings Milledge is going to pop out to take Church's place. That's my guess, anyway.

Jaap said...

I dunno, Mr Forme, I'm beginning to think Omar's made some crazy deathbed promises to Fidel Castro to keep Los Hermanos Hernandez on Mets rosters until all the Cuban Americans in Miami are safely floated back on rafts to Havana's harbour.

Jaap said...

sanchez, my god, give that poor Omar a break already. Our rotation is in fine shape, son. Fine shape. Santana's elbow hanging by a ligament, Maine making his bed in the disabled list waiting room, Pelfrey ready to Fall back to reality, Perez eager to walk and balk his way to super goat status, and a plethora of underachieving, over aged has-beens "fighting" for right to keep that empty fifth spot in the rotation permanently empty.

jdon said...

Wow. You are right. There IS reason to be optimistic.