Harbinger of Doom: The WBC Will Ruin The Mets Season

Now try that when it actually matters.

Ok, we can be happy that David Wright hit the game-winning two-run RBI single to knock Puerto Rico out of the infamous WBC but jaysus David, how about a little hyperbole with your breakfast there, laddy?

"That situation is what you dream about when you're a kid," he said.

How's that?

Now, presumably he means hitting a game-winning hit generally speaking, not in the WBC considering nobody dreams about hitting the game-winning hit in the WBC, do they? Ok, maybe there's some 7 year old kid in Caracas or Habana who is dreaming that or maybe even in Seoul or Kyoto, who knows but David Wright, one suspects has not wasted any time dreaming about the WBC especially considering those fantastic fades the last two Septembers.

So how about some of those game-winning RBIs for the Metsies there, Mr Dreaming About the WBC?

Actually, we're more likely to be crying about it than dreaming about it this summer.

First of all, I don't care what diplomo-speak Jerry Manuel uncharacteristically mutters about Luis Sojo's outrageous abuse of K-Rod, who has pitched in 4 games already, two of them 4-out outings over a mere three days, i.e. more use than he would even get with the team paying his salary until the bloody pennant race, if there is one. Ok, I'm not some nutter comparing it to rape but Sojo is definately playing with fire and K-Rod is the dry kindling.

Laugh it up, fat man. You won't need K-Rod in September, will you?

Why are the Mets entrusting the use of their closer to a clueless muppet whose managerial experience to date amounts to being the current manager of the Cardenales de Lara, of the Venzuelan Winter League?

And if this wasn't bad enough, now comes another unqualified pillock, Mexico manager Vinny Castilla who had Met starter Oliver Perez throw 85 pitches in an 8-2 loss to South Korea on Sunday. What, only 85? In a game that was far gone? What happened Vinny, run out of innings? Surely Ollie will be available to pitch another 5 or 6 innings in the...oh yeah Vinny, you're already eliminated. Thank christ.

I'm telling you, in any event, it's a conspiracy to derail the Mets season before it even starts:

USA Today reported last week that its own study showed nearly four of every five pitchers in the 2006 WBC recorded a higher ERA that season than the previous year. Even more ominously: More than one in three WBC pitching veterans spent time on the disabled list in '06, including 14 who landed on it in April and May.


Ok, I admit, I don't really care about David Wright's game-winning RBI. I care about the Mets getting Delgado, Beltran and Pedro Feliciano back.

Relief, maybe. Considering the way Beltran threw himself up against the wall in deep right centerfield to rob Brian McCann of a homer in the 4th.

But all three played well. Delgado was on fire, including a two-run shot yesterday and Feliciano didn't surrender a run in 4 appearances.


It's only Spring Training but no one outside of Atlanta can be too pleased with Jair Jurrjens' performance yesterday against the Mets.

On the other hand, Jon Niese probably solidified the perception he'll be staying in Buffalo until the first Mets starter goes down to injury or none of the washouts Omar signed to his tattered low end rotation manage to pan out. He's working on his curve under the tutelage of Sandy Koufax which can only be good but his control is leaving alot to be desired. Put it to good use, it's only a matter of time before Maine or Pelfrey flames out onto the DL and all we're left with is Santana, a schizophrenic Oliver Perez and a string of ineffective free agent wash-outs to render the Mets starting rotation a sort of 5 man dead man walking squad.

Speaking of which, good news: we've established that Johan can throw 4 innings against Minor Leaguers which somehow, in the parlance of Spring means he's right on track to start on Opening Day.

Hey, with the work K-Rod's been getting for Venezuela, I imagine his arm is in good enough shape to be the Opening Day starter if he wants. All we need to do is sack Jerry and hire Luis Sojo as manager.


And yes, this just in from the False Alarm Schadenfreude Department:

Although he's now a "long shot" to start on Opening Day, Supermouth's left elbow has no structural damage...yet.


I.M. Forme said...

Jaysus! we said the same ting!
Great minds I guess.

Luckily I didn't mention how i think the WBC is dangerous and should be held in NOV if at all. Apparently, the Mets were able to get a nice insurance policy on Krod, bc this is just simple dumb shit to let their guys take early abuse all hyped up on nationalism. And I see Ollie, who i don't care about, can now add physical exhaustion to his list of flaws.

Before I tried to ignore it and rooted for Puerto Rico and the US to lose early and get bounced from the tournament. Presented with the facts from that USATOday bit you cite, now I am riproaring frightened.

Jaap said...

I reckon Omar should only sign Italians and Chinese as free agents in the future since they're always knocked out in the first round anyway.

katherine said...

Oh, Jaap, I will ignore all your negativity about the WBC and just comment that Oliver Perez probably has Multiple Personality Disorder, not Schizophrenia.

I am going to withhold judgement about potential injuries until I see how the players do later. Last year, everybody was injured anyway, without the WBC!

And I don't know how the Phillies can keep hating us now. After all, they won it all last year! You'd think they would be magnanimous in victory. Also, Shane "I stand on home base after my homer and taunt the Mets in their dugout" Victorino was one of the guys mobbing and hugging D Wright last night. He was overjoyed. So maybe now, they'll all get along.

jdon said...

Whew! I can't take all this negativity.

jdon said...

Nothing has to make sense. in baseball or in life. Cosmic Chaos is descending upon us. Laug all you want Scott Boras. You are doomed!

Jaap said...

well Katherine, if we're going to be serious about diagnosing Oliver Perez perhaps we should consider that he suffers from what they call vertical splitting. Perhaps I can dedicate a column during one of these Spring Training lulls on The Psychoanalysis of Ollie Perez. Or, come to think of it, he will surely give us cause once the season commences in earnest.

I don't know if we can count on the Phillies and Mets getting along - if anything, the Mets should make sure that they don't. Or perhaps, Katherine, who knows - if the Mets spend all of their time kissing up to the Phillies and making sure they are properly stoic during all moments wherein emotion might normally be expected, if they say nothing but how much they love and admire and respect the Phillies, perhaps this will reverse the hideous history of the last two Septembers and propel the Mets to the lofty destiny they merit!!

Jaap said...

jdon, it appears we could all do with a few sessions discovering cognitive psychology therapy techniques. C'mon, sing it with me jdon, the Buddhist Sutra!

Anyway, I expect it will be difficult to find negativity in Livan's performance against the Braves yesterday, whooop! He'll be Number 2 in the rotation by May...