Sunday Sublimity: As Comfortable As A Dodgy Sphincter On A 12 Hour Drive

Let's start with the starting pitching:

Jerry Manuel was asked after Thursday night's game what he could say about Tim Redding.

"Ooooh," the Mets manager said, shaking his head.

He looked around the desk in his office, then underneath, searching for something.

"Let me find something I can say about Redding," he said. "Hmmm."

That Jerry Manuel...some days he's like the Frankie Boyle of Flushing Meadow...

14 runs in 2 1/3 innings over 2 starts? Redding could have had both arms surgically removed and pitched by spitting the ball out of his toothless mouth and still had better results than this. Shoulder "fatigue"? What kind of rubbish reasoning is that? Oh, I'd have been a great pitcher but this shoulder of mine keeps going out on its own partying into the wee hours of the Port St Lucie night, carousing in strip clubs with my wrist in the back rooms of strip clubs and then when it's time to pitch, the old shoulder, well you know, is a little too fatigued from all the fun its been having to be able to pitch....

Oh hang on, the worst team in baseball released him so that Omar could give him a guaranteed contract? Oh, right.

First of all, in case I haven't mentioned it before, Omar's judgement is either too strongly influenced by the Wilpon Idiot Collective or he's become a Master Idiot in his own right.

Hey kids, watch me ruin another good team with a few properly positioned bad judgements....

"I never rule out looking at outside options, but I feel comfortable with the guys that we have," Minaya said in his little press conference to announce the other loser he signed as a fifth starter is now too injured belongs on the disabled list.

Comfortable? Is this a fucking barcalounger or a fucking baseball team trying to win a World Series?

Pardon my French on a Sunday morning (cover your eyes here if you're easily offended by foul language) but this is the same fucking sanctimonious twaddle Omar gives tongue to every time people have rightly pointed out deficiencies in the Mets make-up in the past, the smug little cunt. Comfortable with the guys we have, he says like a sacred utterance of idiocy.

What, me worry? I'm as bloody comfortable as Sir Omar Ali Saifuddin smoking a cannabis cigarette...

I don't know that Pedro is necessarily the answer. The debate is ongoing.

Let's see, a veteran, saavy pitcher embarrassed by an injury-riddled performance the year before flawing an otherwise Hall of Fame career with something to prove, a veteran saavy pitcher who has speed back in his fastball and who pitched six scoreless innings allowing only one hit and striking out six in his World Baseball Classic appearances. A veteran, saavy pitcher who actually WANTS to rejoin the Mets and is willing to work his way back from the fifth starter?

Sorry, what's the debate about? How stupid and cheap the Mets can be when it counts most?

Ok, the best argument against Pedro appears to be that New York's second dumbest baseball player supports him.

Oh wait, no, maybe it's because all these options Omar feels so comfortable with are all doing so well?

In the interests of fairness, I'd have had a punt on Fat Freddy, who wouldn't? But the fact that his spring ERA fell from 20.25 to 14.50 against a second string Tigers team is hardly a massive endorsement, especially considering his fastball is still slower than Luis Castillo rising from a seated position in the dugout.

Maybe it was Omar's genius move plucking Fernando Nieve off waivers from the Houston Astros that has him feeling so comfortable. Nieve was 0-1 with an 8.44 ERA in 11 appearances with Houston last season. What a pedigree.

Or maybe it's The Kid, Jon Niese, whose mere 9.00 makes him look like Stephen bloody Strasburg compared to Redding and Fat Freddy?

Or wait, Livan Hernandez threw two "whole" innings of shut out pitching against the Nats?

Hell, even Big Pelf threw FOUR scoreless innings against the Nats. Hell, Tammy Lynn Smith, that woman who burnt the word "wimp" into her daughter's flesh with a cigarette could throw a complete game shut out if she pitching against the Nats in Spring Training for fuck's sake. Big deal. (Oh, ok, don't say that too loudly around Brandon Knight...)

And making things even more confusing, as Redding was sketched in as either a fifth starter or their long reliever, now the Mets are rather stuffed in two places. Sure, Jerry says that Hernandez could end up filling a long-relief role with Niese as the No. 5 starter but really, what else is he going to say? Besides, no one who matters listens to his opinions anyway.

At least Bobby Parnell's future is looking brighter now. Maybe we won't be forced to rely upon free agent rejects to supplement our pitching staff in the future, eh Omar?


About the only noteworthy items popping out of this "classic" so far had been the Dutch beating the Domincans into elimination thereby releasing Jose Reyes and Fernando Tatis back into duty with the Mets.

But that was before the US were humiliated by Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado and the rest of Puerto Rico.

Delgado is hitting .600 in the Classic so far which would seem to indicate we're going to get the 2nd half Carlos rather than the 1st half Carlos, good news in and of itself. Beltran is hitting .467 both of which are as pleasing as seeing Chipper going oh for ten for the Americans.

NOT SO GOOD NEWS which worries me for some reason is seeing that K-Rod has 2 saves for Venezuela and has thrown almost as many innings as Roy Oswalt already.

Will we look back on a four out closing job as the downfall to the Mets season?

I don't want to get alarmed about K-Rod burning out before Opening Day but what do I care if Venezuela's bullpen outside of K-Rod is rubbish. Are we that concerned about saving Luis Sojo's job?

I have to agree, it's time to pull K-Rod from the WBC.


sanchez said...

yeah, Luis Sojo sucks. what do you think the chances are that the Yankees planted him there as Venezuelan manager and then told him to pitch K-Rod until his arm fell out of the socket?

jdon said...

All I can say is:
"I told you so." I don't like it, and I don't like people who say that, but:

"I told you so."

Now, to take it a step further, Omar has become not just an idiot, but a Mega Idiot. Like Barack Obama, he expects us to believe everything he says. Even when he contradicts himself 24 hours apart on tape. THE METS ARE A PAPER TIGER. THAT PAPER IS 143 MILLION WORTH OF FIAT CURRENCY WHICH THE WILPONS LAY OUT TO HAVE A HALF-ASSED PACK OF LOSERS LIKE LIVAN, FREDDIE, BRANDON, NELSON TIM, AND NOW FERNANDO AS POTENTIAL 5 STARTERS.

Sorry for the shouting.

I do not include Niese or even Parnell because they are honest prospects competing for the 5 spot. Which is also why they have no chance of getting it. This is not an honest team. This is dumb Omar thinking he is Joe Cool, spinning lies about autonomu and walking around with his pockets figuratively turned inside out. Of course he is comfortable with the Wild Bunch. Because he would be uncomfortable if he did not have a job.

One of my favorite posts ever Jaap. I cannot tell you how much I savor the rage. I am trying to get as many evening rotations as I can on my job so I do not feel compelled to watch the Mets games. As a 1962 fan onward I cannot help myself, you see. I am sick of the Wilpons but I must live with them. I do not have to live with Dum-Dum. I can take a sabbatical from time to time and pray for his release. Maybe he will fail a steroid test. I would even pray for him to win the mega Millions lottery ahead of me if he would only go.

Jaap said...

I'll tell you, sanchez, it's quite plausible. He pitched for four outs last night as well. At this point you've got to root against Venezuela simply to save the Mets' closer. What an outrage. Do you think he'd be pitching this much in Spring Training? Do you think his arm will still be fresh by September at this rate?

Jaap said...

jdon, you have indeed said often that Omar's incompetence is a danger to this franchise.

I think what particularly pissed me off the other morning was reading him just coating over his stupid mistakes and pretending nothing wrong was going on - meaningless corporate speak we are all too familiar with. I used to think he was a sympathetic character when he was running the Expos, that he had potential, but time and again, he proves his poor judgement is bound to prove the undoing of the Mets yet again (that and seeing Sojo pitch K-Rod into oblivion!)

jdon said...

I am sure Omar is "comfortable" with Sojo's managerial style.