O Miseria! Mets Out of FIrst

And to herself she cries,
"Oh misery! Oh misery!
"Oh woe is me! oh misery!"

It was about as close as the Mets have come this season to a "must win" game and as in the 7 preceding games, they didn't.

The renewed vibrancy at Shea didn't prevent a first inning homerbomb by Jeremy Hermida out the Mets two runs in the hole before Oliver Perez had gotten the second out of the game.

No more smiling now...

The common consensus was that Jose Reyes had to get the Mets started and started early, especially down 2-0. Instead, Reyes went down on strikes watching a slider leading off the bottom of the 1st.

Two bad omens for a team that had gone 14 innings without a run, even if they were going against, in B.Y. Kim, a mug who had gone 0-4 in 4 starts against the Mets, giving up 21 runs in less than 20 innnings.

Not enough jersey to hide your face in humiliation.

Perez wasn't much better the rest of his brief outing either, puking up six runs in only 3 2/3 innings, a humiliating performance considering the circumstances and the opponent which included a hideous third inning where the world came crashing down around both him and the Mets.

WHAAAAAT were you thinkin?

Perez wasn't helped by a positively idiotic failure by David Wright to force out the runner at third to get a rally-killing double play which put even more pressure on him but hitting three batters, two of which forced runs in, was equally inexcusable.

Precisely the kind of Met-Ugly Baseball that had seen their lead shrink from 7 games to none and now, to one game behind the Phillies. The collapse is complete.

Rightly, Wright confessed later "Personally, I'm embarrassed" as well he should be. As well they all should be to fold so meekly in their moment of truth.

The only question remaining is whether or not the obituary should be written already with two painful games left to play.

In Philly anyway, they've already loaded up the clubhouse with champagne.

With John Maine prepared to take his 2-5 record with a 7.06 ERA in his last 10 starts on the Mets Biggest Game of the Year, we can only hope the delivery was premature.


sanchez said...

the funny thing is, this wasn't even the worst game the Mets have played all season. Just uninspiring and gutless. I'm embarassed to be a fan.

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