Oliver The Brave Killer Does It Again

He has faced the Braves four times this season and three of those starts have resulted in victories.

Bring Me Some Post Season Braves...

In those 3 victories, Oliver Perez has thrown a total of 23 innings, allowed 8 hits and 5 earned runs, a 1.95 ERA. He has also walked only 2 whilst striking out 22.

But you know all this perhaps as well as you know in that one loss, he sucked, a mirage, a once-in-a-lifetime blip wherein 10 hits and 6 earned runs were allowed in a mere 5 innings.

Precedent set however, Oliver continued with the trends and once again, the Braves were left gasping, this time in a 3-2 loss that further cemented their DEMISE.

And yes, this means in all likelihood and probability, both mathematical and philosophical not only that the Braves Suck but that they won't win the NL East for the second year running!

Of course don't tell that to Gary Cohen. He and Darling and Keef were up to their usual chicanery by the top of the 3rd waxing nostalgic about White Castle.

In fact, Cohen's 5-minute rant about the blasphemy of the induction of ketchup on the White Castle burgers was classically in tune with the game at hand.

And despite not being in the booth myself, it all reminded me of the classic Butthole Surfers song, Movin' To Florida


(gracias, Wrightoholics....)

It's difficult to say that David Wright's 2-run homer in the 6th off Tim Hudson was the final nail in da coffin. Especially since the Braves went on and scored a pair of their own in reply at the top of the 7th. But Wright also has the highest batting average in the NL since the All-Star game. Perhaps further cementing nominations for MVP.

Careful you don't throw out that Most Valuable Elbow, son...

3 of the 9 homers Hudson has given up this season have been to the Mets. Hohoho.

Moises Alou added to his noow-15-game hitting streak with his first triple of the season. Imagine the kind of cock up an OF has to make to allow enough time for Alou's ageing quads to motor 'round to third....

A sweet night indeed all around. Think it passed by anyone's notice that even the slumping Reyes managed to get on base twice, score twice and steal his 75th base of the season? Or how close Wright is now inching to a 30-30 season with his 31st steal, 28th homer?


Unfortunately, my prediction remains that the Mets will lose two of three to the Braves and then sweep the Phillies to keep perfect symmetry to the season.


sanchez said...

that's a crazy song. One more loss and you'll be halfway to right.

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