Exhale: The Mets Have Another Day To Live

Hello, God? I promise never to do another Subway commercial if you just give us a few more wins....?

Amazing that the game started very similar to the disaster the day before.

Friday night Uggla drew a one out walk in the first inning and was driven home by Hermida's two-run homer that set the tone for the rest of the game.

Saturday, Uggla again drew a one out walk in the first inning only this time was part of a strike 'em out throw 'em out as Hermida whiffed and Castro threw out Uggla trying to steal. Entirely different omen.

19 hits and 13 runs later the Mets had held up their end of the bargain breaking their free-fall losing streak and waiting to learn their fate, unaccustomed as they are this season to needing some help from the Phillies.

As though all the suffering had reached it's climax the Mets came out hard and fast scoring a pair in the 1st inning, three in the 2nd and three more in the 3rd to give the Mets a daring 8-0 lead.

Despite a 8.24 ERA over his last 4 starts John Maine was a virtuoso on the mound, striking out 14 Marlins whilst allowing only one 8th inning hit and no runs.

And yet despite it all, despite the Phillies playing their part by losing to the Nats, you are left to wonder what this powerful 13-0 victory means.

Starting in RF in place of Shawn Green, Lastings powered two homers and the chance to interview Kevin Burkhardt.

Have they shot their final wad of the season, ready to surrender meakly on Sunday?

Did such a massive onslaught finally shake the monkey off their back and will they now begin that run that takes them to the World Series?

Was it all simply a matter of beating up a struggling young left hander named Seddon, followed by an strugglinger pitcher with an 11.68 ERA named Mr Wolf, and then just letting the momentum take them home from there?

Of course with the Mets having blown three games with leads of 4 or more runs, you couldn't be certain until perhaps the first three innings had ended and the dancing could commence in the stands.

The Mets Feisty For the First Time All Season...(well everyone bar Reyes, who was busy fraternising and yucking it up with Lindstrom - when he wasn't busy quitting on choppers and failing to run to first - funny thing is, when the dust-up continued with Reyes at the centre, Reyes appeared to push Sandy Alomar in front of the Olivo punch...)

Showing some fight for the first time in 161 games, the Mets might have finally awoken.

Savour it. Enjoy it whilst you can because this might just have been the final happy moment of the Met season.


Anonymous said...

Jaap, thinking about you. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

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