Frankie Boy Blows Rare Chance At Victory

Sure, you can say that Sean Green surrendered the game-breaking grand slam to Albert Pujols in the top of the 10th last night and blame him but let's face it, in the top of the 9th with a two run lead and your star closer, the guy you signed in the offseason precisely for this kind of situation, coming in, that's a game you win right there or you can forget it.

Tragic, Frankie Boy. Simply tragic.

So Frankie Boy, maybe it's best the Mets are all but mathematically eliminated from the playoffs already. Just think of the heart ache we'd be spared us in September when he gives up a few key runs in vital pennant-losing losses against the Phillies or Marlins or Braves to see the Mets knocked out of the race.

Note to D'oh-Mar (who we all know despite the desire of every Mets fan is going to be back next season whether we like it or not because that's how the Wilpons roll, lathered in stupidity....): better make sure to re-sign Hillybilly Wagner next season to your the typical three year extension you give to wash-outs because this Frankie Boy can't be trusted. Not in big games.

(and forget about the fact Wagner hasn't even wowwed 'em over in Buffalo yet; if Figueroa can tear it up in Buffalo and get shredded like he did against the miserable D'backs two nights ago, statistics in Buffalo DO lie so don't believe them....)

And speaking of people blowing it and people coming back from injury, how about Luis Castillo falling down the bloody dugout steps last night and spraining his ankle for an encore?!

Yes, the same injury-prone Luis Castillo who, in this season of surreal struggle against one decimating injury after another has managed somehow to escape his own tragic fate and who even, dare we say, nearly justified D'oh-Mar's three year contract deal for him this season with the what is still, easily the most surreal moment of the season (the dropped pop-up against the Yankees lest you've forgotten in this haze of forgettable moments) and still managed to hit .297 and get on base (when Jerry had him hitting second where he belongs and not lead-off or batting bloody 8th) at a .393 clip.

So your star closer blows the game and one of your most reliable players injures himself tripping down the dugout steps like a buffoon: quite a night. A typical night in fact, for a Met. Incompetency, injury and buffoonery, the season's highlight reel from the lowliest Buffalo call-up to the top of the managerial food chain. These are your miserable Mets.

But hey, other than that, this was a great game.

You had those two Santana to Wright fielding gems that allowed Wright to show off his tragically unsteady gun; the first when Johan failed to make a spectacular diving catch of a pop up but Wright recovered and gunned down the runner, who'd been standing at the plate thinking it was a fouled pitch back (how very observant) and the second when a ball ricochet'd off of Santana's foot (why not a broken ankle and season ending injury, who knows?), Wright recovered it and gunned down the runner at first. The only two decent Mets left standing and they combined for two superb outs.

You also had Santana's stunning two-run double in the second inning to give himself the lead that he wouldn't hold.

And let's face it, yes, the Cardinals batting order is now formidable in comparison to the Mets' batting order even with Sheffield back from his forced disability (don't think we missed the Mets making him go on the disabled list even though he wasn't disabled) but c'mon Mr Ace Starter, 8 innings or not, is 5 earned runs really that impressive or have our standards just sunk that low?

Ok, you're right - if anyone is above criticism it's Santana who is so good, so competetive and so healthy that he doesn't really seem like a Met. But I'm just saying, low standards or not, is 9 hits and 5 earned runs over 8 innings really a sparkling performance?

And right in the middle of it all you've got Jeff Francoeur's 0 for 5 performance hanging there. Anyone guessing the honeymoon is over yet? Fuck it. Ryan Church has missed the Braves' last 6 games, we're not missing anything.

And of course, the bullpen. That lovable, huggable bullpen everyone was so enamoured with only yesterday after holding the D'Backs to no runs the rest of the game and keeping the Mets in a game they were mathematically eliminated from by the 2nd inning. Sean Green, you lovable, huggable Met, so glad when it counted you showed your true colours.

Last night? 10th inning with the game on the line against a playoff calibre team?

Gack! Hack! Choke! Puke!

Of course.

Listen, just be grateful the Mets suck so bad this season. Just think of how painful this loss would have been had the Mets been in the thick of a playoff race. And remember how very typical it would have been. Then you'll know you're better off this far out of it. You're already anaesthetised to losing.

And look, the season's over already. Why in the HELL is Sheffield not clearing waivers and getting traded to someone for a few prospects? Is it because D'oh-Mar has secret plans to sign HIM to a three year extension as well? Don't be surprised.


jdon said...

I'd like to say the party's over but there never was a party. Badly constructed roster, no heart, no soul, no brains. Another lulu by Dumbo Pagan in the first failing to score and setting up a double play. I am not worried about Francoeur yet. Guys do go 2 or 3 games without getting a hit occasionally. It is just that he has far too much enthusiasm to be on this team. Santana is either hurt or has a tired arm off last year, but he simply is not right. His location has stunk all year. Can we at elast SEE Ruben Tejhada now? Or is there another Angel Berroa out there lurking?

Uncle Mike said...

Last night's game was the Mets' post-1986 history in a nutshell -- with the emphasis on the NUT. All the hype (Santana and K-Rod), all the rewards. The thrill of victory, and the agony of seeing said victory detonate right in your face.

The Great Johan Santana looked like Javier Vazquez out there: Not hideous, but not what all the money was supposed to buy, either. And K-Rod? Not supposed to set up the turning of a 2-run 9th inning lead into a 5-run defeat. And I've never, ever seen a pitcher hit a batter with the bases loaded to force home the losing run.

But, hey, it was only Albert Pujols coming up next. It's not like he's got more career homers than Lee May. Oops, he does now. Well, it's not like he's got more than Greg Vaughn. Okay, it's now as many. Well, it's not like he's got more than Yogi Berra, Johnny Mize, Gary Gaetti or... Joe DiMaggio. (Another month, and he'll pass... Ralph Kiner.)

Look at the bright side: Now you know it was Omar Minaya's fault all along. You Met fans can stop blaming Willie Randolph for 2007: He was doing the best he could with what Minaya gave him, as Jerry Manuel has since.

Jaap said...

spot on, jdon. It's like a party you spend all night trying to find and when you get there you find out there beer's gone!

Ruben Tejada, sure but how about some Wilmer Flores action?! If Reyes is able to find his hamstrings again it'd be great to get rid of him finally. It's my off season dream other than waving good bye to Omar.

Wonder if HoJo is working the same magic on Frenchy he's used on Murph..

Jaap said...

well Uncle Mike, I detect a little Yankee in you but what fun is kicking the Mets if they aren't already down. (not a hard thing to do, admittedly).

Willie's still a bonehead, regardless of Omar's poisonous influence on this team. If Willie were managing this year's team we'd be behind the Nats.

Michael said...


I am a reader of your blog daily and you actually inspired me to do my own blog. I linked to your blog and I was wondering if you can link back to me. I would be honored. Either way, I will keep my link to you guys as I am a fan, first and foremost. Hopefully, you will not take it too seriously, as I am trying to make it as funny as I can, while still telling the true story... almost!
This is a blog by Michael DiCicco, a lifelong Mets fan, who has taken to the web to talk about the Mets...obviously. This blog is about my struggles, my strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition, being a Mets fan. Hopefully you find it almost factually accurate, and a little bit funny.

Thanks Alot,

Mike DiCicco

Jaap said...

Hi Mike,

thanks for your comment - I bet you wrote that to all the bloggers...
anyway, the Mets are nothing if not funny, in a sad, sick, masochistic sort of way and I'm a sucker for kind words so voila, your link is up. thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

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