Nothing But Good News!

The good news is Johan Santana gets the rest of the season off.

Now he'll have time to find a replacement for that ridiculous pimp coat...

C'mon, we didn't need him any more, the season is lost and the fact that surgery will be to remove bone chips rather than restructure an elbow is the best news the Mets have had all season.

This is a sign the worst is almost over, hurray!

(Ok, the worst is NEVER going to be over with the Mets and this miserable franchise but for a few seconds anyway, hope reared its ugly, predictable head...)

So, despite the good news, this wouldn't be the Mets if there weren't questions raised about whether or not the Mets mismanaged Santana. The question is not a stretch, certainly. The Mets mismanage everything they come into contact with. Any situation is a vulnerability, a potential for mismanagement and if it is associated with the Mets, with the Wilpons or Omar, you can be pretty damned sure if there's a way to cock it up or make the wrong choice, the Mets will find it.

Now, in the face of the Santana news comes also the news that JJ Putz is done for the season. He's already had surgery once this season and now an MRI revealed damage to the ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow.

What's that? Who cares? Just glad it's not Johan?

Have a look at the baseball I'll never throw again....

I'll be honest, I wasn't really following his rehab schedule all that closely. Do the Mets really want a guy on their fabulous new 2010 team of healthy over-achievers who can't get excited because he's the set up guy instead of the closer? Well, the mismanagement Mets probably do, but I don't. As our good friend Sanchez wrote of Ollie's injury misfortunes, Stay down, Putz, stay down. Hurray!

Now, MORE GOOD NEWS, Oliver Perez has been sent back to New York to have his dodgy right knee examined by doctors.

This improves our chances of not having to see Ollie pitch again this season. Hurray! Can't they just pay some back alley doctor the cash to wave his hands and declare that Ollie's season is officially over? He will require season-ending surgery on both knees, both elbows, his neck and back and perhaps even a lobotomy.

Considering what improvements might be made with a little extra elective surgery for Ollie...

And if this wasn't enough good news for one day how about this?

Any irony in trading away a healthy All-Star (or former All-Star) pitcher on the day you announce two perhaps three season-long losses to your pitching staff? Nah.

The good news is that the Mets won't lose The Hillbilly next season for nothing. At least, just in the nick of time, they got something for him.

The Sox will send the Mets outfielder/designated hitter Chris Carter and a low-level prospect to be named later.

Carter's scouting report is encouraging in a all-hit, no-field sort of way. You know, precisely the sort of player a National League team with no DH needs:

Extremely intelligent, Carter is a real student of hitting, and has demonstrated success with the bat at every level. Excellent power with the potential for more. Hits for average and consistently gets on base at a very good clip. Hits lefties and righties well. Below average speed. In the field, Carter has spent much of his career at 1B but was moved to the outfield in 2008. He has always been known as a poor fielder, and still doesn't look particularly comfortable at any position. He has focused on his glove and footwork and has improved slightly, but still not enough.

I'll bet he's happy to be with this Muppet Collective instead of in the Red Sox organisation.

And surely having a Dan Murphy clone is just what the doctor ordered. Murph is hitting .290 this month, by the way.

But fuck it, it's a body anyway, something the Mets are in short supply of these days.

As for last night's game, bah, who cares?

Another loss to the Marlins. This one doesn't knock the Mets out of the post season at least. That they did all on their own this season.

The news was not the game, another loss, it was that Jeff Francoeur is playing despite a torn ligament in his left thumb. Of course he is. Let's make that a career-threatening injury - is he REALLY taking the advice of the Mets medical staff about whether or not he could do more damage by playing?

And yes, that was Sheff you saw leaving the game with dodgy hammies in the 7th.


jdon said...

This guy is 6'00" and 230 pounds. He is 27 and cannot play D. Matt Stairs, anyone? He has more power than Murph and excellent plate discipline. But he is not a prospect at the fat old age of 27. As for Santana, I may be wrong but I believe it is still medically possible for the doctors to open up the elbow and discover that there is fraying of the ligament and more extensive surgery is required. After all, he has been starting games for at least 6 weeks with bone chips in his elbow. Which is okay for Tim Redding but not Johan. And since Omar was involved in the decision making, there is every possibility of the worst case scenario0 becoming reality. This is just another incident, like the Bernazard thing, that in and of itself merits a firing. Except this one should get Jerry fired too. What a half ass organization. I truly wish I despised baseball.

Jaap said...

yeah, perhaps I shouldn't have jumped on the good news train so fast. Johan might get hit by a car on the way to surgery.

It is demoralising, this brand of baseball, no doubt.

On the other hand, you could be a Cubs fan.

jdon said...

I am still glad I do not root for the Yankees. Why would I want to root for a rotisserie basebakk team? Problem is, why are the mets not trying to begin fixing the problem now? You cannot fix the problem when you are the problem, unless suicide is an option. Letting omar fuck around with this team some more will serve no purpose. The guy can lay out 24 mill for Castillo, 36 mill for ollie, can screw aroung with your 140 mill property, and trades for a 9 mill a year setup guy, knowing he has arm problems, yet you keep him because you owe him 3 million. Jeff, would you just let me attach this stupid meter to your ear lobe so I can take a reading?

Uncle Mike said...

Look at that jacket on Santana! Where have I seen it before? I know: "Life On Mars!"

"My name is Sam Tyler. I was in an accident, and I woke up in 1973. The Mets are winning the Pennant, which makes this feel like a different planet."

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