Does This Team Come With A Laugh Track?

Well, you had to like the beginning; Niese looking sharp, David Wright hitting a first inning two-run homer.

going down like he'd been shot by a sniperhot, cold and.....hot again

Of course, an inning later, Wright commits an error at third and Niese hurts himself. He wouldn't be a proper Met if he didn't. That's the way these Mets roll, one debilitating injury after another.

And the funny part of course is Nelson Figueroa and his 10.57 ERA warming up in the bullpen. Why not just take the pistol, point it to the head and fire?

But a two-run triple off the bat of Figueroa, his first RBIs of the season? Wow.
Four and a third shutting innings after that embarassment a few nights ago? Nice comeback.

An improbable 9-0 laughter over the Cardinals, fired by solid pitching (including Bobby Parnell who, if rumour is any indication, may get a chance to start this season) and offensive outbreaks by Angel Pagan and Wright, who combined for 6 hits, 3 runs and 6 RBIs all by themselves all conspiring to erase the image of Niese collapsing like an accordian on the pitching mound after testing out his tragically torn hamstring.

The freakish injury to Niese will cost him his season. Freakish injury and Met are almost becoming synonymous words.

wow, where did my hammies go?

And let's just see about Castillo's "mild" ankle sprain. The Mets front office has a peculiar habit of downgrading injuries until avoiding the ugly truth is simply unavoidable, much as has happened with what appears to be the permanent disappearance of Jose Reyes and hamstring problems of his own which means the chances of trading him for value this offseason is virtually nil. He'll team up well with Delgado, who the Mets are apparently "likely" to re-sign. Of course. Why wouldn't you re-sign a guy who will turn 38 early next season and is coming off major hip surgery?

Surreal season gets surrealer. Maybe they should rename Shitty Field as Dali Park. Or Hamstring Heaven Field.

Did D'oh-Mar sign a pact with the devil a few years ago to make those Pedro and Beltran signings that nobody in Metsland thought were possible and is that pact now expiring without a World Championship in hand?

All questions we just don't know the answer to as this unexpected victory is digested.

The only thing we know is that not even the victories are happy occasions any more.


I.M. Forme said...

there is no way in hell the mets resign Delgado. I can't believe that. That article at "real gm" is so dumb, it could have come out of the mets front office.

No met gets injured normally; Niese's somersault is just the latest in a grant tradition. the laugh track would be perfect.

jdon said...

while there are no great free agent options at 1B, the mets must not resign Delgado. Numbers aside---he is 37. Also, he is soft. He is a loser with a loser mentality. If he is the leader in the clubhouse then the clubhouse is lost. Winning is not everything to this guy. He never hustles, never makes an effort on defense. He turned down trades to contenders, for Christ's sake! The mets currently have no heart or soul. And he is their leader. Enough said. He is soft, Beltran is too quiet, Reyes is too much about Reyes. And Wright has shown he cannot pick up the mantle of leadership. He is simply not good enough to carry a team. The fact is, there is probably no one they can get right now who could carry this team. But they must not keep the guys who have made them what they have become. I still believe that Reyes should be traded but it cannot be done now and he may never have the value he had last year. We have to reconcile ourselves to at least one year of reconstruction, but it cannot be done by the guy who deconstructed this team. Murphy and Pagan are AAAA players, not full season productive starters. Nick Evans is also a AAAA player. People like Tatis, Berroa, Dessens, Figueroa, Redding, Ramon mlartinez, Argenis Reyes, Valdez and Misch are dross, nothing more. I am embarassed that omar brought them in. We all know that Castillo will be on the DL all year next year. And he might perform in his walk year. And Cora is basically a scrub. Compare the secondary players we started the year with with the Phils. Werth, Victorino and Feliz. two of them were ALL-STARS! We need to get some of these types of players now, even if we cannot get the big bopper we need. And the team has got to undergo a massive culture change of FAs will not want to play here.

Luis said...

I am in no way an Omar fan and am lukewarm on Manuel, but I will say that Omar has put together a bench that can play about .500 ball, which is pretty good if you think about it. I do not think that the Mets can truly contend next wiout major improvements in the pitching however. Presuming that New Shea plays as big as people say(what's that? Adam Dunn, Mark Reynolds are laughing?, the Mets canot delude themselves into thinking that a bunch of contact pitchers will be the way to go. They will need power arms to win on the road and cannot allow themselves to be deluded by the stats put up in the homepark. Obviously a power bat is a priority as well, and maybe David Wright will man up and realize that if ANGEL PAGAN can hit HR at New Shea, so can he....

jdon said...

mets trade for Anderson Hernandez. See? Omar does not even try to evaluate. He just recycles the same trash back through the organization. What a joke!

Jaap said...

C'mon Mr Forme, join the fun! Surely you can see how perfectly Delgado fits into D'oh-Mar's plans. Chasing old dreams, that's what he likes in his signings and re-signings. But look, if he'd sign Ollie, Delgado is a no brainer, sadly.

Jaap said...

jdon, I agree about Delgado's lack of leadership. I don't necessarily agree with your assessment about Murph - he's developing into a slick-fielding first baseman and once he masters those inside pitches, he could be an Olerud-like presence. That's a big if of course but if I had to bet on Murph or Delgado, I'd bet on Murph improving. Of course, that won't be the Mets thinking - they'll prefer the tired old vet who thinks he still has something to prove.

Jaap said...

thanks for your comments Luis - I can almost see what you're saying about putting together a bench that can play .500 ball. They are supposed to be bench players after all, not starters. On the other hand, if the farm system had been developed with more skill, we could be getting a preview of the future right now instead of watching a bunch of band aids struggle heroically over their own mediocrity. And that's the GM's and the system's fault.

Jaap said...

jdon, christ yes, I've just seen the Anderson Hernandez trade - to be honest, I was shocked to see he's hitting .251 this season. I wonder if this is in reply to the end of Reyes' season or if it means that as usual, the injury to Castillo is alot more serious than they're letting on.

Anonymous said...

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