Chip Shot Makes Mets Winners

Bring on the Braves...

There will be more downs in this 2007 season but they won't be as low as June's and they won't stop the Mets from repeating as NL East champs. That's what it feels like anyway after the Mets completed their 4 game series in Chavez Ravine, winning 3, the finale on an RBI single by Met a no-name named Chip Ambres who got his first (and perhaps only) hit as a Met, and avenged a three game sweep suffered at the hands of these once-formidable-looking Dodgers only a month ago.

Having missed all but the final game of this series due to more floods inundating the lands around me, it was heartening to see the series closed out in glorious, victorious fashion.

To recap for anyone else who like The Army, was stuck in the hometown of Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead, I've assembled a little Winners and Losers compilation.

Team Winners: Mets: Momentum reaffirmed with a post-All Star break push towards defending their title.

Kemp Says Oops in 9th...

Team Losers: Dodgers: A depleted rotation and bullpen with their closer Takashi Saito nursing muscles in his neck and shoulders and an uncertain rotation compounded by a shoddy defensive outfield which was highlighted by Matt Kemp a defensive replacement dropping Shawn Green's fly ball in the 9th to allow the Mets to tie the game Sunday night, does not spell a happy ending to their season unless they get some deadline help. Oh alright, we can't allow a series against the Dodgers to pass without a comment about the comments on Touch 'Em All - joy of joys, the ever-popular Ask Alyssa is back. (and you will be happy to note your least favourite Dodger Stalker will be making an appearance at Shea, it appears...) Peace, Love and Breastball, baby.

2nd Baseman Winner: Ruben Gotay, back in the lineup after being superceded upon Jose Valentin's return, reached 35 hits in his first 100 at-bats this season which is surpassed only by infamous former Mets Derek Bell, Rico Brogna and Darryl Hamilton. Gotay's hitting overshadowed a major gaffe in the 6th inning of Game 3 which cost the Mets two runs and perhaps a chance to win that game. Honourable mention: Anderson Hernandez who made it back to the bigs despite starting the season hitting .208 in April for the Zephyrs. He hit .350 since June. We won't mention his .131 lifetime batting average for the Mets, guess it can only go up from here and if not, well...there's always the promise of career-rejuvenation for former Met banjo-hitting second baseman over in Colorado.

2nd Baseman Loser: Jose Valentin, fractured tibia and perhaps the end of his era as a Met. Adios muchacho, don't go punching any more walls in Puerto Rico.

Ex-Teammate Winner: Marlon Anderson released by the Dodgers earlier this month, got his chance for revenge thanks to Willie's hunch about performance against former teammates with the sour taste of rejection in your mouth. Anderson had a pair of singles and a pair of RBIs in Game 1 and scored a pair of runs in Game 2, both Met victories.

Ex-Teammate Loser: Former Met Roberto Hernandez single-handedly handed the Mets their victory in Game 2 on Friday by throwing wildly in the 8th to allow the tie-breaking run to score and then throwing a fastball that Carlos Beltran blasted for a two-run homer. Lights out, Roberto.

The only problem with Hernandez's hand is that it is attached to his pitching arm...

Winner's Pen - Over the four game series the Mets bullpen was called upon to pitch 16 2/3 innings, allowed 13 hits and gave up 5 runs, only 4 earned for a 2.16 ERA.

Loser's Pen - Sans Saito, the pitching mismanager Grady Little was forced to improvise and the results were by and large, atrocious. Pitching a third of an inning of relief less than the Mets bullpen (16 1/3) the Dodgers pen gave up 17 hits and 12 runs, 10 of which were earned, a hideous 5.51 ERA. In fact, if you dared, you might even say it was the difference in the pens that gave this series to the Mets.

The kind of monster you could see dominating the post-season...if the Dodgers make it that far...

Jonathon Broxton Winner AND Loser - An impressive 6'4 290 set-up man filling in as closer for Saito, Broxton awed on Saturday night in earning his second save of the season striking out 3 Mets over 1 2/3 innings.

On Sunday night however he notched his third blown save of the season, threw two wild pitches whilst giving up a hit and a run in a disasterous 9th inning of work.

Carlos Beltran Award - The inaugural winner is...Carlos Beltran, for hitting a homerun in the 8th inning of the first three games of the series. Let's see anyone do that again this season. He had 7 hits in 17 at-bats against the Dodgers, tying David Wright for most RBIs in the four-game series. with 6.

Pedro's Looming Over Your Shoulder Award: With Pedro's likely return next month there is going to be a glut of qualified starting pitching hanging around which inevitably means, someone is either going to the long relief pen or getting a demotion. We'll give you a little hint: Jorge Sosa is 1-4 with a 6.90 ERA over his last 6 starts.

Overall, a feel-good feeling, a touchy-feely series.

Game 1: Mets 13, Dodgers 9
Game 2: Mets 4, Dodgers 1
Game 3: Dodgers 8 Mets 6
Game 4: Mets 5, Dodgers 4.


sanchez said...

that bottom of the 10th last night was exciting as they come - I thought for sure Kemp would get his revenge homer when they walked Kent to face him in the 10th...

Anonymous said...

our bullpen was better this time around but we still need help in that Dept. I think we could really use Chad Cordero - if they aren't asking for Lastings or something else ridiculous - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/07/19/AR2007071902591.html