Glavine Hits 298 On Ralph Kiner Night

Matt Belisle was tailor-made for the plate-befuddled Mets, or so you thought prior to the game.

7.44 ERA over his last 8 starts and an NL-worst .386 average for hitters against him with runners in scoring position, the fatted calf for anxious Mets batters who can't hit their way out of a wet paper bag with runners in scoring position this season.

So, with one out in 7th, men on first and second and the game tied 1-1 with Belisle on the mound and Carlos Beltran and David Wright coming to the plate, you had the feeling this should be the Mets' moment.

But it wasn't.

Instead you had the pair of them striking out like buffoons against a second-rate pitcher who hasn't shined in months, making one wonder yet again, where is this sudden satori at the plate now that the Mets have juggled hitting coaches?

Forunately for Tom Glavine, a superb 8 inning, 2 hit 1 run performance didn't end in misery and regret owed to Mets meat and potatoes hitters turning into sour mash and rancid, rotting flesh with runners in scoring position.

No, fortunately for Tom Glavine they didn't have to rely on Beltran or Delgado or Wright to save his wonderfully pitched game with a few well-timed hits that were never coming.

Lastings Milledge, whose wild run in Game 1 and homer in Game 2 (off of Mike Stanton)has added an unexpected spark to the team, singled up the middle in the 8th off Stanton to drive Shawn Green home and give the Mets a 2-1 victory, deserved or not.

Clown impersonation in left field by Dunn gave the Mets the chance to win the game.

Green, by the way, knocked in his first run in 16 games and got himself in scoring position in the 8th thanks to Adam Dunn's ridiculously stupid fielding mistake turning what should have been a single into a double.

But even though this was a victory, you can't feel too pleased with the Mets continuing to struggle at key moments at the plate. Glavine will be pleased with a good outing and win number 298 in the books but to struggle this mightily against heretofore unheralded Reds pitching staff for the third night in a row gives was an eerie feeling.


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Itsmetsforme said...

nice photoshop!

"7.44 ERA over his last 8 starts and an NL-worst .386 average for hitters against him with runners in scoring position"

when i hear this about a pitcher, i just get scared for the mets offenCe, just like the scrawny high school wrestler who has to wrestle the motivated girl on the other team.

the rickey links can be followed to the old Verducci story on Rickey which along with a recent New Yorker article that may not be electronically available are the best sources of Rickey knowledge. Its a great read:


Anonymous said...

it's really starting to get boring watching the Mets key hitters ruin potential rallies. why doesn't Willie mess around with the order a little more, try to shake batters out of their funks.

Jaap said...

cheers for the more rickyisms! my new favourite: The 1989 earthquake: on a clubhouse toilet.