Nightmares, recurring nightmares

As pretty as a loss is ever going to be...

Well, at least we've still got Jorge Julio to kick around.

He gave us our only two runs whilst on the mound for the Rockies in the 8th and perhaps in somewhat typical fashion, even if they did come sans walks, there was that wild pitch that scored Ruben Gotay.

Otherwise, not much good can be said after the comedown from that somewhat euphoric grind over the Phillies on the weekend.

Someone tell me again, why the fuck am I pitching in Colorado?

And hey, let's face it, since the Mets were facing in Jason Hirsh, a rookie with one victory in his previous 12 starts, it was perhaps inevitable that they would twist him into the team ace - let's have a show of hands indicating the number of Mets victories against no-name, nowhere pitchers this season.

And hey, let's add insult to injury because not only did Hirsh pitch the wind out of the Mets' sails, he added an improbable two-out, two-run single in that dreadful third inning, his first RBIs of the season and only his 2nd hit in 42 at-bats. He went on to add another hit to raise his season's batting average all the way up to .103.

Despite past success at Coors, Tom Glavine suffered through a nightmarish 3rd inning: With one out he allowed consecutive singles to Willie Taveras and Jamey Carroll (right, and if you're like me you're wondering who the fuck is Jamey Carroll kidding with his flowery girl's name and his .213 batting average) before two-time All-Star Matt Holliday crunched a three-run homer to make it an easy math, 3-0 lead.

But whilst even that was enough to doom the Mets, Glavine wasn't done. He got Todd Helton to line out and you could almost breath your sigh of relief before another questionable major leaguer, Garrett Atkins singled to start a second-gasp rally.

Glavine then walked Troy Tulowitzki (his dismay at having done so is registered in the photo above) before Brad Hawpe, yet another in a seemingly unending supply of no-name batters the Rockies had to torture Glavine with when he wasn't torturing himself, dropped a bloop single center to score another run. After intentionally walking the .205 hitting catcher Chris Iannetta to pitch to the pitching who hadn't had a hit since high school, the pitcher of course, this being Glavine's nightmare inning, singles home the final two runs.

Just ugly, ugly, ugly.


Now that the All-Star selections are public news we can all scratch our heads as to why the drink-driving, reptilian manager Tony La Russa named the Rockies' demoted closer to the All Star team.

We can also be thankful the break is coming considering that Oliver PĂ©rez is joining Jorge Sosa for a little midseason party aboard the SS Disabled List.

This leaves Jason Vargas to throw to the lions on Tuesday. 6-4 with a 4.35 ERA for New Orleans is nothing impressive. Especially when you consider that in his last three outings he's pitched six innings and given up seven hits in each yet won two of them.

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