Booing Beltran

It seems a bit trite, petty even that three years gone from Carlos Beltran's free agent move to the Mets from Houston, Astros fans still boo his plate arrivals.

It seemed even more ridiculous when he struck out his first THREE at-bats in last night's game, the second strikeout coming with two outs and the bases loaded, the Mets fostering a narrow 2-0 lead.

But Beltran got his redemption in the 9th, homering for the first time in his career against the Astros, adding another run to the Mets first victory in 5 games, a welcomed victory out of the confines of Coors Field, far from the pitching embarassments of the last half of the week.

Is this the official staff ace?

Not only did the Mets win but they did so with a brilliant spot of pithing courtesy of John Maine who, in winning his 10th game of the season and 4th in a row, should have caused further embarassment to the muppets in charge of the All Star Game who left him off the squad.

Maine struck out the side in the 1st inning sending a positive message for a team whose pitching staff has been somewhat of a running joke over the last three games.

Not only was Maine outstanding but 4 of the Mets 13 hits on the night came from an unexpected source, Carlos Delgado, who raised his batting average all the way up to .242. Despite his rather pitiable struggles at the plate Delgado has still managed productivity as 47 RBIs on the season and third best on the team, would attest to.

With the announcement that Carlos Gomez became the latest Met outfielder to suffer misfortune this season, it is clear that the adversity has not often abandoned us this season.

Imagine that at the moment, Moises Alou, Endy Chavez, Jorge Sosa, Oliver Perez, Gomez and Pedro Martinez are all members of the current Met DL and you begin to get an idea that the Mets' 47-37 record, their lead in the NL East and the fact that they haven't wilted entirely in a Fleurs du Mal flight of fancy, is all quite fascinating.

Reyes scores early and quickly...

And yes, the series in Colorado was indeed an embarassment and yet, given all that has come to pass, not the lowest point of the season to date. Eventually, the Mets pick themselves up, dust themselves off, glance quickly at their lead in the NL East despite such adversity, and carry on, like a team of destiny.

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Kevin Collazo said...

You hit the nail on the head here. Anyone who boos this great player deserves to be tarred and feathered.

Beltran has had it rough in Houston town ever since his decision to come to NY. Not that Beltran really cares right now, but given enough booing from the home fans, and he may very well regret the decision to come to NY.

It's why I say it's extremely important root for our team's players through thick and thin.

You can see examples all over as to the effect it has had on so many players. Anywhere from CedeƱo, Kazuo, Zambrano, all the way to Beltran's grudgingly accepted curtain call. NY fans better change soon, or they can expect a lot more years of wasted talent.