Met Bats Spell Snell Hell

Sure, it was Xavier Nady's grand return to Shea and sure, he doubled home a run his first time up.

How fragile and alone was Ian Snell feeling at that moment?

Pity it wasn't Oliver Perez out there dazzling from the mound and hitting homers from the plate like the other steal-deal by Omar, John Maine, was last night But it didn't matter much anyway. The rapidly-fading Ian Snell was there to hand out the runs like candy to children from a paedo and the Mets were rolling to an 8-4 victory, their 8th in the first 12 games since the All Star break.

Maine Has Joined The Homer Club, Finally Cracks A Smile At Home

Following Maine's improbable, hell, incalculable two-run homerun in the 4th inning that gave the Mets a 6-2 lead, Maine seemed to gain an almost zen-like aura, tossing shutout innings the rest of his outing before ceding control to the bullpen. Most incredible perhaps of all was that despite smacking his first career homer, his first career hit for extra bases even, his face was a complete blank, stoic and calm as ever rather than effusive and exploding with joy. Perhaps he was as shocked as everyone else in Shea, everyone else listening and watching to the game.

It was the same stunned feeling one might getting seeing Rey Ordonez hit a grand slam.

Did that ever really happen?


Most of the game was a laughter bar the appearance of Guillermo Mota
which sent children screaming in terror everywhere. Eager not to disappoint, Mota promptly surrendered Jason Bay's second homer of the night, this time a two-run job in the 9th that narrowed the margin to the final score.

Green did his tortoise impression around third base only to redeem himself with a daring slide around a tag at home plate...

Another somber note was the predictable news that Moises Alou is hurt again. This time he didn't even make it to one game for the Mets.

This Moises Alou is STILL hurt skit reminds me of the SNL skit many, many years ago called Generalissimo Fransisco Franco is still dead.

Only the SNL skit was funny. Alou? Well, we don't have to care now do we? Not when we've got Lastings Milledge collecting three hits in his stead.

However there was still more disturbing news out of the Mets and that was the ominous explanation from Omar about Pedro's pitching prospects:

"He worked so hard and advanced so much, we had to pull him back,"

He made us so much money we had to get rid of him? What?

I dunno, it doesn't sound good. Will Glavine, Maine, Duque, Perez and Sosa suffice if Pedro Is A No Show for the post season again? Aye. They will.

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