Who Was the Bigger Villian, Jimmy Rollins Or Aaron Heilman?

We could ask that question all series it looks like. One Mets-killing Phillie batter and one gut-busting Mets reliever per game, at least that's the way it's gone so far.

And yes, Heilman took another on the chin, this time a three run homer to create a 4-2 loss, the second in a row to the Phillies which put the laughingstocks on the precipice of a series sweep.

But rather than dine on bile or recap this double nightmare, worry about Endy Chavez going down to injury (yes, an official Curse on The Outfield), it's best to shake it off, revel in a few nice fielding plays, whistle in the dark, forget it ever happened and try to avoid a sweep.

Let's see Moises Alou do this without tearing every muscle in his body

Reyes almost looks at home, floating in the air like that...

And yes, forget it. The Mets dropped another to the Phillies but it still doesn't hurt as much as dropping two to the Braves just yet...

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