Good Bye, Shea, We're On The Road To Winning

You can say what you like but this team, built for the road, has it's home away from home, its silky paradise between the thighs of other women.

"our revolution will not happen between these thighs
your revolution will not happen between these thighs

the real revolution
ain't about booty size
the Versaces you buys
or the Lexus you drives"
- Juice

It will happen away from Shea.

As per the 2006 Collective Bargaining Agreement, the league that wins the 2007 All-Star Game in San Francisco will control home field advantage in this year's World Series.

So root root root this July for the American League, because that's where you'll want Game 7 to be played, on the road, in front of hostile crowds, if you're a Mets fan.

We ain't winnin it at home.

On the road, Sosa Shines and the bullpen doesn't blow it.

Or maybe it's just out of the NL East.

Say what you like but the road to the World Championship of baseball will not go through Shea.

Not if the Mets have anything to say about it.

And No, That Ent No Moises Alou doing that...

Go Mets, far from home.


GaryG said...

Old Pea threw a stinker today, and the steriod-less Mota pitched awful. But at least we didn't quit at 8-3, and made it respectable. And Aaron Heilman had a decent appearance.

Jaap said...

Aye, Heilman, for a change. But when Heilman not giving up a homer to blow a lead is news, it's bad news for the pen.