Back-Up Mets Bring Mets Back Over D'Backs

If Friday was an ugly 4-hit performance that was better forgotten, Saturday afternoon was a celebration of the depth of the Mets' bench.

With a starting lineup that consisted of Endy Chavez in centerfield, Ramon Castro catching, backup backup second baseman Ruben Gotay, David Newhan playing left field and Ben Johnson playing right, the game was less a matter of what could be expected and more a matter of hoping for the best.

Back Up Day at Shea Turns Out Ok, thanks to Gotay

The best came in the form of Gotay, among others, whose three-run homer in the 7th ripped the game wide open and gave a 7-1 victory not only to the Mets, but to Jorge Sosa, yet another Met starter who wasn't here when the season began, yet improved to 5-1.

Sosa has started 6 games since called up in May and, bar one bad outing against the Braves has pitched more like a staff ace than an unexpected Triple AAA success. It was the fifth time in six starts that Sosa has allowed two runs or fewer and the fourth time he has pitched at least six innings.

Before this season, Sosa was 0-3 with a 6.65 ERA in four games against the D-backs.

Joining him and Gotay in the new face celebration was Castro, who had a pair of hits and against whom none of the 8 Diamondback runners dared steal against. You might also count David Wright, who returned to the lineup after missing Friday's loss.

The victory also brought the Diamondbacks' absurdist run of 8 victories in a row to a screeching halt and maintained the Mets lead over the Braves in the NL East.

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