More Depressing Than A Bad Haircut - Mets Lose Lose Lose

Brad Penny's cousin watches last night's action with studied intent...

For four innings, the Mets clung to a 1-0 lead.

Jorge Sosa was sailing along through four having allowed only a lone single, locked in what appeared to be a pitcher's duel with Brad Penny.

Wasn't he going to be ours one day?

Of course, a pitcher's duel would imply both pitchers kept up the tight, steady pitching prowess for more than four innings. In the Dodger 5th, Sosa began by giving up a lead off homerun to the man hot on Henry Aaron's All-Time Homerun record, Wilson Betemit, the one hitting .223 but who has homered two nights on the trot.

That Matt Kemp followed with a mere single rather than another homerun, I suppose we should be grateful for. And even more grateful when the next two batters were induced into striking out and sacrificing a runner.

But a Rafael Furcal triple followed by a Juan Pierre single made it 3-1 rather quickly and straight away there was a putrid smell coming from this game. With the way the Mets have been hitting of late, making up a two-run deficit (forget about a five-run deficit an inning later,) appeared as likely as a Carol Jager getting laid.

Ooooolala, sister, bring it on...

The three-game sweep was the Dodgers' first over the Mets in Los Angeles since August 1996. For the Mets, other than cosmic humiliation of getting swept by the Dodgers, the loss was their 5th straight and they've only got a lone victory over the Tigers to show over the last 9 games.


But I'm not going to bothering lingering on these rather unsalient points.

I'd much rather read the gossip and fluent baseball chatter on Alyssa Milano's blog, Touch Em All where I can learn not only that Eddie Murray tossed her a baseball but that the REAL highlight of Tuesday Night's revolting loss to the Dodgers was apparently Alyssa Milano catcihng a foul ball without breaking a nail. Not as impressive as catching a Hong-Chih Kuo homer or flipped bat with her teeth mind you, but readers seem simply agog with delight...

Hey Alyssa.
My family is planning a trip to San Fran for the Dodgers/Giants series in July and my momma and I just bought our TOUCH shirts for San Fran! Last night I went on your blog and shes like "Alyssa Milano has clothes?!?" and we looked and she loved them as much as me!



CONGRATULATIONS ALYSSA!! I am so happy for you catching the ball.
Liv :)


So how's that for a West Coast Trip? Six games, five losses. Five in a row. And the Yankees, running in the opposite direction with 8 straight wins.

Wonder how many more days we will be able to console ourselves with the mantra of Hey, At Least We're Still In First Place...


sanchez said...

Maybe some day later in this season when the Mets enjoy a gaping 12 game lead in the NL East we can all look back on this series as just another bad memory...
Or maybe this is simply the beginning of the end...

debmc said...

Hey, Jaap. It's debmc, from FU.

Come over and participate in my poll, and vote as to when you think the next Mets win might be... lol.

Maybe it's just a case of hope springs eternal, but most of us so far think that the Mets and O Pea will beat Roidger Clemens.

Frankly, I'm glad these games were on the Left Coast, much too late for me to witness the debauchery as it unfolded on tv or radio... lol!

Anonymous said...

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