Mets Done By 2nd Inning In Losing Again

I seem to recall only last week the Mets hit three homers in a row against the Phillies and the Phillies came back to win the game anyway.

Last night, the bottom of the Dodgers batting order (including the pitcher) hit three homers in a row on three pitches and the Mets were unable to manage even the tiniest whimper of protest in going down to another loss, their 8th in 9 games.

What is this, the Little League World Series? Hong Kong Kuo pitches seven nearly-flawless innings AND hits his first MLB homer to boot?

I mean four of the last six Mets to bat in the 8th and 9th inning against the Dodgers bullpen, struck out swinging. The idea of a game-winning rally seemed about as likely as Rupa Mehta taking up chain-smoking.

So, who's to blame today?

Well, John Maine, not only for allowing the three weakest Dodger hitters to hit three consecutive homers on three consecutive pitches but also for popping up on a bunt attempt with one out and a man on to kill a rally in the 5th, is certainly a candidate.

Perhaps you'd prefer to hurl tomatoes at Joe Smith for allowing his 10th consecutive inherited runner to score - o, remember those days of the 0.00 ERA?

The truth is, this was a team effort of failure. There isn't really one particular player to blame - even if Carlos Delgado, with a lone hit, kept his batting average hovering at .228. Even if Carlos Beltran is hitting .171 since coming back from injury.

Team effort, as in Paul Lo Duca hitting .225 for June, or Jose Valentin hitting .200 since coming back from injury.

You see? There isn't a finger big enough to point. It's a team-wide malaise with no end in sight!

Maybe it was just the recurring nightmare of Posh Spice tossing out the ceremonial pitch in Monday's game that continues to haunt the Mets...

I'm not ready to be as grumpy as some just yet.

Yes, bad times at the moment, bad month. These swoons happen to nearly every team, teams that win World Championships and frankly, I like a little adversity with my brilliant championship season. Otherwise, without ever having been through the valleys, we will not know what we are looking down from the mountain tops.

Or some such rubbish.

On the bright side, the Braves lost again to keep them 2 games back but perhaps worryingly, just slightly, the Phillies have now crept to within 3 games of the lead. And after their start they sure give the Mets a run for their money in the season glitch adversity category.

Until tomorrow, well, I dunno. Let's see what interesting things Manager Willie has up his sleeve to deal with the most trying weeks of the Mets season to date. Do we really miss Moises that much?


sanchez said...

I'm glad you can show some optimism after this miserable stretch but I'm getting pretty sick of losing day after day, night after night.

And what is Randolph doing besides spinning patient little webs? Shouldn't he be shaking up the lineup? Trying to find some way to get the bats to life again?

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