The Intangibles

Normally, I'm a socially restrained guy, in spite of this blog.

I write from this hidden perch anonymously and like many people, that is the extent of it. I don't very often if ever allow my personal life to mix with blogs.

But this is a special occasion.

Since July in the back of my head I've been thinking you know, if the Mets make it to the bloody World Series, I'm going to be there. Since I left NYC three years ago, I haven't been back to America once and frankly, with the exception of being able to go to Shea and going to McSorleys down the street from my flat and eating Mexican food at will, I haven't missed America much.

And now we are closer to what I hope is the inevitable (and yet were it inevitable I wouldn't hope it, I would know it, World Series and I must hedge my bets - should I buy a ticket now, risk going back to America for no good reason if the Mets don't play in the World Series or wait until I really do KNOW they are there and go for lastminute.com?

For a real supporter there is only one answer: the ticket to NYC is already purchased.

Thus I want to say to those who come across this blog, Mets fans in all but Mets bloggers in particular, I would love to take this opportunity to get to meet some of you.

Those of you interested in meeting me in NYC should send an email. Those of you who wish to burn me in effigy in NYC, well, you can do that already, I don't have to be there.

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