Braves Are Nolle Prosequi

You think the pressure wasn't building on Shawn Green, that he hasn't been the scourge of the synagogues for the last half a month?

Since he'd arrived to this team of destiny in the August 22nd deal with the Diamondbacks, Shawn Green had been hitting .179 including a worrying 1 for 20 stretch going into yesterday's doubleheader against the hated Braves.

It could have been argued that it was only a matter of time before the Mets magic rubbed off on him but there were certainly a few skeptics remaining until yesterday's 6 for 8 doubleheader that saw him hit two homeruns, score four times and knock in three runs of his own in helping lead the Mets to a series-ending doubleheader sweep of those filthy Braves.

For now anyway we don't have to mourn the loss of Evan Maclane any more.

And if Shawn Green's awakening wasn't enough, further vindication of Omar Minaya's tactical genius was on display in the night cap when the unheralded and often-scorned Oliver Perez tossed a five-hit, six-K complete game shutout to complete the Mets humiliation of the Braves.

If only Oliver learned to wear his cap sideways he'd be halfway home to rap stardom, no doubt.

Or shall we say, proof of Rick Peterson's genius? After all, hasn't he turned Perez from a bumbling 2-10 Pirate from Culiacan, Mexico with control problems and a streak of ineffectiveness into the composed wizard we witnessed last night? Haven't we gazed with wonder at Dave Williams' metamorphosis from a bumbling 2-3 Red with a 7.20 ERA in eight starts before being traded to the Mets on May 25 into the pitcher you see before you, 3-0 with a 3.24 ERA and a reclamation project extraordinaire?

It might be hard to get excited about many games for the rest of the regular season what with the Magic Number down to single digits but any time the Mets sweep a doubleheader against the Braves, even if this is the Braves' worst season in a decade and a half, it's a joyous occasion. The Mets had not swept a doubleheader from Atlanta since July 22, 1988.

Lost in the fuss perhaps was Carlos Beltran's triumphant return to the lineup and Jose Reyes' 17th homer of the year in the nightcap and hey, what about Carlos Delgado's 36th homer and 99th and 100th RBIs of the season.

The strong, silent season of Carlos Delgado has erased all memories of being dumped for the Marlins only a season ago...

Is there anything about this team that isn't giving you goosebumps at the moment?

85 wins against 52 losses, the best record in baseball? The 16 1/2 game lead over Philly and Florida, the fact that Braves fragile wildcard hopes were slashed and burned and that they are now 55-73 on the season?

Next lamb to the slaughter, the Los Angeles Dodgers, leaders of the NL West, potential postseason opponent and the team that finished August with the best record in the month since the franchise moved west from Brooklyn, going 21-7.


Perhaps relegated to the dustbin of Mets 2006 history along with the likes of Jose Lima, Kaz Matsui and Jorge Julio, the Anderson Hernandez experiment continues to muddle along with a lack of conviction. Sure, we've got a half season lead on our nearest opponents but other than a deceptive Spring Training, Kid Hernandez is hitting .103 in two stints with the mother ship.


RHP Brad Penny (15-7, 3.97 ERA)
Penny is 1-7 with a 6.28 ERA at Shea Stadium, by far the worst record at any park for his career.


LHP Tom Glavine (12-6, 4.13 ERA)
While Glavine's record isn't up to par in his last 10 starts -- a 1-4 record and a 4.13 ERA -- his control is still there. Overall, Glavine has 108 strikeouts and 55 walks in 165 2/3 innings.


sanchez said...

A capite ad calcem, the Mets are the best team in the Major Leagues!

dado said...

Absolutum dominium!