Oh, Pshaw

I got a little irritated reading the hyperbole of this article, I have to admit.

Yeah, let's all tremble about the bloody Padres.

And whilst we're at it, let's fret about Pedro and Glavine not being sufficient. Let's forget all about this being a team, larger than the individual's that comprise it. Let's forget about how this team got here - early leads, bullpen, bullpen and late inning heroics.

My brother in-law all the way in the states had the nerve to suggest the Mets won't make the World Series because of their starting pitching. Of course, he's not a Mets fan so he's a de facto idiot but nonetheless, this seems to be the new theme song of baseball. The Mets suck, who cares if they clinched earlier than anyone or have the best record in baseball, they play in a weak league and their starting pitching is in tatters.

Yeah, it sucks. Two bloody Hall of Famers and a pitcher with one of the most impressive modern era records in post-season baseball. I've already shat myself in fear of the Padres and their like.

Get used to it, Mets fans. The media jackals love tearing down heroes and the Mets will be no exception.


Meanwhile, back at Shea, Willie gave a handful of starters a day of rest and Tom Glavine threw eight innings of four hit ball to record his 289th career victory (will the final 11 to 300 come as a Met?) as the Mets beat the Marlins 3-2.

Even though most starters were rested; Julio Franco playing third base for the first time since 1982 for example - (1982! The man he was replacing at third, David Wright hadn't even been born!) - the Mets still managed to make this yet another come-from-behind victory as Michael Tucker drove in the winning run with a bases loaded single in the 8th.


Sean said...

All this Padres nonsense gets even funnier when you look at the splits; the Mets have the best team ERA (2.76) of any team against the Padres. Conversely, they have a mark of 4.71 against us. Oh, and that article says they have the best late inning bullpen in the game...come on! Our combined ERA in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings is the best in baseball at 2.89, while the Pads come in 6th at 3.60. Not bad, not bad at all. But the best? Clearly too many people have been listening to Trevor Hoffman running his mouth.

Bring on the Padres, please.

Jaap said...

Yes, bring on the Padres and the Cardinals and the Dodgers and the rest of the NL. Our whipping boys. I can't wait til the World Series!