The Sky Is Falling Down, The Sky Is Falling Down!

O misery, in what sequence do I rate thee?

Pedro's continued uncertainty: Pedro's health has been the question we've mulled ever since the winter so we should all be in perfect condition for worrying. For weeks Willie played the "Pedro Will Pitch Game One" record because sometimes just wishing things makes them come true but then, like the first cracks in Peter Brady's voice, Willie has begun to mull other possibilities.

"He might need more time and be pushed back," Willie waxed philosophically. "I said initially he might go Game 1. That's always subject to change. What I'm saying to you is depending on how he comes out of his start -- who knows? -- he might need to be pushed back."

Pushed back. Might need to be pushed back. I like the tenebrosity clinging to that statement. Who knows? Willie doesn't know. Pedro probably doesn't even know. He could be two batters short of bursting into tears at Turner Field tomorrow. Can you imagine the last laugh the Braves fans would be having then? Oh, well you might have knocked us from a 14 year perch but your ace called it a season in Our House...ugh.

Remember that SNL skit where Chevy Chase would announce, "This breaking news just in, Generalísimo Francisco Franco is still dead!"

Is Pedro's season still dead or will it be resurrected once again as it was after the Winter and after the Spring and after one previous disappearing act in the Summer or is this his last hurrah?

Glavine's Sudden Inconsistency - Well, if Pedro can't go we've got another aging Hall of Famer lined up to take his place. Although this was only his first loss since 16th August, this is not the time to have it. Or is it? Only 57 of his 107 pitches were strikes.

"I had good stuff but I had trouble locating when I wanted to," Glavine explained about his lack of pinpoint control.

Well that's the rub, isn't it Tom? Trouble locating. Might need to be pushed back. Is El Duque starting to look appealing?

Best Mr Glavine gets the yips out of his control in this meaningless regular season finale at Shea whilst he still can. Better to use that pinpoint control when it matters but I'm sure all of us would feel just a wee bit more reassured if he'd gone seven innings and shut the hapless Nats out for the duration.

Another Loss - Closing out the regular season homestand with another loss to the Nats, meaningless as the game was, is not a ringing endorsement for the postseason. You can moan all you want about how the Mets will fire up the engines once the games start to matter again but is this just whistling in the dark? Haven't they had enough games off by now? We get the message. The games don't matter. Now start playing as though they do because they will in a little more than a week and it won't just come back to you like magic. This is the fifth loss in six games, all against non-playoff teams. I find it difficult to fathom that other than the necessary positive thinking required, the Mets as a team aren't going to begin to doubt themselves if they can't pick it up a little by season's end. Hopefully the sight of Turner Field will inspire them.

Carlos Beltran Returns - In and of itself, this is good news of course.

Carlos had not played since the Mets' division-clinching win against the Florida Marlins on 18th September, having injured his leg during the club's series at Pittsburgh. He gave the thumbs up for last night's game but a dodgy quadriceps is not the way you want to enter the postseason because whilst he is strengthening it and trying to get at-bats, any simple dash to a base, any loping stride to haul in a shot to centerfield could cause a twinge and see Endy Chavez back in the lineup. Not that Chavez hasn't played brilliantly in Beltran's spot but let's face it - who would you rather have in the lineup?

Nothing To Do But Worry - They say an idle mind is the devil's workshop and this final week with little to do but rest and try and prepare for the unknown while watching the NL Wildcard race thicken, must be taking it's toll, gradually and perhaps subliminally.

On the other hand, things could be significantly worse.

Look at the Cardinals for example. Less than a week ago they had a 7 1/2 game lead in their division and were everyone's certainty for winning the NL Central. Now look at them. A four game sweep at the hands of the Astros and then another loss last night compounded by the Astros improbable win over the Phillies has shrunk their lead to 2 1/2 games. Think they aren't sick with fear by now?

So again, let's try some perspective.

Yes, things are looking less than positive for us at the moment but just think if we were rooting for the Cardinals...


sanchez said...

If the Phillies win the wild card our likely first round opponent would be the Cardinals if they don't choke. So maybe we don't have so much to worry about after all.

Jaap said...

I'd be happy with the Cards. They're probably the least imposing of all our potential first round opponents right now.

sheadenizen said...

Boys and Girls....the way the Cards are playing they wouldn't scare anyone. Now here's the rub....the way the Cards are playing, the Mets may see the Astros. Mull that over for a while....if you dare!

Jaap said...

sheadenizen - it would be interesting to see Beltran play against his former teammates but better still, a return of Clemens to Shea, the scene of the crimes!
So many interesting twists to the postseason to come...