Open Letter To Paul Lo Duca

Dear Paul,

There are hundreds of us out here, bloggers who blog about the Mets.

We are of common consensus that you're getting an unnecessary bullocking from the media about things that have absolutely nothing to do with your performance as a Met, your character as a man.

As far as we have counted, all of us like horses too.

Not all of us bet on them, but that's your business. Michael Jordan probably loses more gambling on a hole of golf than you do in a year of playing the ponies.

But the important thing is that in the midst of this media tsunami during which every jackal with a job to sell papers is selling them sullying your good name, you have the full and unmitigated support of every single one of the Mets bloggers signed via html below.

We wish you good luck in weathering the storm and look forward to further heroics from you in the 2006 World Series.

All the best,

Mets bloggers

PS- Where have they hidden Victor Diaz?

(a daft draft but if anyone has suggestions, feel free to let them fly here.)


sanchez said...

I think it should be written in Italian, wrapped around a handful of Italian meatballs.

dado said...

Paul Lo Duca is the devil in his own workshop. Infidelity and gambling. It just doesn't look good. Next thing you know he'll develop gout. He's playing with fire.

Michael Leggett said...

I wonder when the NY Post will "Out" a Yankee?

I guess when Tim Mc Carver & Joe Buck, stop using hair dye.