Another Bullet Dodged

For a season that began after a winter's long lament about Pedro's toe that went well into Spring Training it seems perhaps appropriate that the Mets have dodged another bullet to their starting rotation when it was revealed that Tom Glavine will not need season-ending surgery after all.

How do YOU spell relief Tom? (hint: not J-o-r-g-e J-u-l-i-o)

Glavine might be back starting as early as 1st September, long enough for him to pound a few stiff drinks and say a few silent prayers of thanks along with millions of Mets fans. (do we really number in the millions? Has a study ever been done?)

What it means is that the post season hasn't been torpedoed before it even begins, as swiftly as the Mets took their strangle-hold of the NL East in April.

What it means that in a season of minor injury tribulations that the team has overcome, we can focus once again on clinching homefield advantage in the NL playoffs.

Or prattle on about the lack of threatening bats in the outfield short of Carlos Beltran or worry about who is going to set up Billy Wagner's post season saves.


The season lives on again.

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