Call off the hounds! We've found the Missing Mets!

Jose Reyes rides the dirt to redemption.

Who shall we thank for this resumption of our regularly scheduled Mets, Scott Mathieson? John Maine? Carlos Beltan or the return of Carlos Delgado from batting obscurity?

Delgado, 1 for his last 24 and 4 of his last 41, 7 games on the trot without an RBI going into this afternoon's game awoke like the proverbial Van Winkle Boy with 2 solo homers, an RBI triple and four RBIs and the Carlos Boys combined, waking up the middle of the lineup, went a combined 7 hits and 7 RBIs in 9 at-bats with three homers.

It's amazing what a dose of Scott Mathieson can do for a beleaguered side who had been bashed and humiliated for three straight games to a 27-3 tune.

Scott Mathieson, a man without a mission.

And after Pedro's scare, El Duque's11-run debunking, Tom Glavine's heroic yet futile return from the bowels of rapidly sinking hopes, it was The Man We Got For Mr Anna Benson who yet again resuscitated the dwindling starting rotation and this time allowed the Mets to avoid a disconcerting four game sweep in South Philly.

It's safe to come back out from under the bed.

At least until the post season.

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sanchez said...

It's funny how much one little victory can make everyone think their troubles are over. Good thing it's only the rockies coming to town.