Even Nobodies Help Mets Win

What's next, the Mets sign Damon Berryhilland he hits 20 homers in the last two months of the season?

In the latest Midas touch moment, Michael Tucker, cut by Washington four days before the season opener after hitting .158 in exhibition games-- hits the game-winning homer off Jon Rauch in the top of the eighth, a solo shot that was Tucker's first major league homer in more than a year.

Michael Tucker, shocked as everyone else by his game-winner hitting .300 with 3 RBIs and a homer in his first 4 games with the Mets.

Of course, the Nats helped the Mets complete this series with some pretty bush league fielding - 3 errors yesterday, general sloppy play overall leading one to realise why the Nats are 20 1/2 games behind the Mets and losing altitude.

It ruined a perfectly brilliant pitching performance by Nats pitcher Tony Armas, who pitching better than he had in a month, didn't give up a single earned run to the Mets for seven innings and allowed only two hits.

The Nats-Mets game was the only major league game yesterday that pitted two starters with ERAs over 5.00 against each other, yet the two combined to allow seven hits and one earned run in 13 2/3 innings. You got some 'splain' to do Lucy.

Once again the Mets closed out the game efficiently. Down 1-0 after 6 innings they scored a lone run in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings to secure the 3-1 victory and two of three from the Nats.

The bullpen, save for Royce Ring's 4 pitch, 4 ball and out appearance in the 7th which only added fuel to the fire, was flawless again; scoreless innings from Chad Bradford, Darren Oliver and Billy Wagner in order, save number 28 affirmed.

Not to obscure the outing Steve Trachsel had. Mr Inconsistency Deluxe pitched nearly seven innings gave up only a run and and five hits and lowered his booming ERA to 4.84 on the season. A steady diet of Nats would improve anyone's well-being. Well, a steady diet of the Nats without Alfonso Soriano, of course. Soriano's 38th homer of the season and 200th of his career came off of Trachsel in the 4th, Trachsel's lone blemish.


Now we're off to Philly, where there's a team still harbouring vague playoff hopes as a wid card even though they're 15 games behind the Mets in the East.

Pedro against Cole Hamels, who was groomed for stardom at the season's onset and currently has a 4.97 ERA with his 4-6 record.

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