Overall, Not A Bad Weekend

Out of three games, they gained a game on the Phillies in the NL East and nearly swept their nearest rivals, the Marlins.

You could also point out that even in yesterday's ugly loss, Mike Pelfrey's continued struggles, (last three starts he's given up 13 earned runs in 15 1/3 innings)were somewhat overshadowed by his struggles generally against the Marlins (in three appearances against the Marlins this season, he has surrendered 15 runs in 12 2/3 innings) but then, of course you'd be merely whistling past the grave and ignoring the fact that his 23 starts this season are more than his other two seasons combined. You'd be ignoring the warning signs. Manager Manuel says he'll try to get Pelf some rest from time to time but mostly it looks like he's just going to have to suck it up.

Not to be all gloom and doom though.

Aaron Heilman followed up his first save of the season on Friday with another on Saturday which is about as high up on the Scale of the Unexpected as imaginable.

Carlos Beltran finally broke his 82 at-bat homerless streak.

Dan Murphy continued to shock and awe to such a degree at the plate with a pinch-hit two-run homer that spellt the difference against the Marlins on Saturday and is still hitting .478 in the 8 games he's played for the Mets this season.

So even though the loss was ugly Sunday, the weekend overall was good. Two out of three is good in any series although with the carrot dangled out there of a sweep, the tendancy is to get greedy and ask for it all. Not forthcoming.

Thus the Mets remain two games back from the lead and look ahead to makeup game against the Pirates Monday afternoon followed by a series against the Nats. Of course, the Pirates' pitcher is Zach Duke who is 2-0 with a 1.77 ERA in three career starts against the Mets so there won't be very far to look ahead, even with Pedro taking the mound.


From the Don't Miss This Department: the It's Mets For Me Roundtable, Pt 1


sanchez said...

I'd say it was average - they were playing at home after all and let's not forget despite their record, these are still only the Marlins. Two of three was the minimum requirement and a sweep would have shown the rest the Mets mean business. But do they? How often is Heilman going to make saves and the rest of the bullpen is beginning to look like Tblisi home front troops.

Anonymous said...

You also have to consider the possibility of mental fatigue with Pelfrey. This many consecutive starts against big league lineups can drain one mentally. Additionally, he could be in a dead arm period. Pitchers go through this in the spring and usually once during a season. That said, we are doomed. we won 4 of 6 and needed 5 of 6. We have 7 straight games against garbage teams and we should reasonably win all 7 withour pitching. We will win 4. I know I sound terrible but it is just the way that I feel. Don't think I won't eb rooting. I just hate this lineup. and now I am hearing that they are bringing the Scowl back, after he batted UNDER .100 in A ball.

jdon said...

oops! that was me being negative

jdon said...

Thank you Aaron, for proving me correct, you old heartbreaker, you. Hey, those guys you were trying to paint the corners on? They were Luis Rivas and Doug Mxyzptlk. Two of the worst offensive players in baseball. We gave up 7 runs to a team that bats Doug Minkcabbage third. We got some early runs and then let the formidable Pirate bullpen shut us down. Hello 2007. These are the elements that led to last year's disaster.

Jaap said...

It's a bad lot, sanchez - no doubt they mean business but they don't have the tools to carry it out. And yes, Heilman would appear to be as good as the Georgian National Front...(with every shite team the Mets play playing the role of the rolling Russian military...)

Jaap said...

jdon, arm fatigue for Pelfrey, no doubt considering this season's load - question is, is there enough gap in the season to allow him a start or two off to recover?

As for Heilman, oh yes, we knew that love story wouldn't last long.