For A Change Of Pace, Let's Blame The Hitting

Ok, ok, we've heard, seen and smellt it all.

The bullpen sucks. Irrevocably.

Forget about day dreaming that the Mets will find some miracle cure on the waiver wire or that they will get collectively as hot as they stink at the moment. It ent happening. The crappy bullpen is here to stay and the difficulties, nay, near impossibility of holding a lead is going to stay with the Mets for the remainder of the season so it's almost pointless as is it repetitious to roll out the excremental parodies night after night blaming the same names again and again and again.

One of the many candidates for wanker of the day.

To varying degrees and on most nights, Duaner Sanchez, Scott Schoenweiss, Pedro Feliciano, Joe Smith, Aaron Heilman and probably Brian Stokes and Luis Ayala as well now that Eddie Kunz is gone; one or all of them is going to blow a lead the Mets have carefully crafted and basically hamper this team as though they were a pair of pliars and the Mets hope for victory were an Achilles Heel.

Don't blame the dirt for your ineptitude, buddy.

Oh sure, maybe Pedro can become the closer, or the Mets can start culling the bullpen now, give them all their collective releases and scour waiver wires to replace them. Maybe they can raid their farm system for assistance:

Eddie Camacho or Eudo Brito both appear to know how to hold leads on occasion. Why not Jose Bierd down at the Sand Gnats? Either Roy Merritt or Jimmy Johnson up from the Cyclones...hell, why not even Michael Powers up from the Rookie League?

Surely these guys can't ALL do worse than an already rubbish bullpen and who knows, perhaps one of them will come up here and dazzle, stick his footprint in the reliever walk of fame and lead the Mets miraculously into the postseason.

All we know or need to know is that these Stooges running the show at the moment are not the answer.

Ump should have ejected the Mets pen as well and save us the bother

Irrespective of who or how, simply sitting on your hands or walking whistling past this bullpen is not going to keep the Mets in first place. They could put an advertisement in the NY broadsheets for relief pitchers, couldn't they?

Look, I know I said I was going to blame the lack of timely hitting for yesterday's loss. The double plays, the striking out with runners in scoring position, etc., etc but let's be real - even scoring two meagre runs against a scrub pitching staff like the Pirates, bad as it it, is not realistically the primary problem to hand, is it?

Sure, we could worry about Carlos Delgado's plunge back into mediocrity this week because if his hitting magic is gone again, so are the Mets, forgettaboutit. Not even Murph and Tatis and Cancel can save this bunch.

I know the Mets have been good at Shea this season but don't expect that to last forever, not if the bullpen isn't replaced and the hitting starts to go because the next thing after that is the fielding and this'll be September 2007 all over again.

I mean, you KNOW the Braves are always trouble - forget about how bad they suck this season, you KNOW the potential is there after all these years for something ugly and hurtful. And the Astros, need we be reminded how the Mets were swept in Houston just earlier this month? They're 13-4 this month.

This homestand, as brilliant as the road trip was, could be the final harbinger of doom. Imploding pen, failed hitting, the added pressure of cascading booing at home, the media getting hysterical. You name it.

One and a half games in front is nothing. Could be gone in an instant.

Especially since the Phillies play the Nats up next.

Gone in an instant.


sanchez said...

Let's face it, Omar is a flawed GM. Good GMs don't construct half a team - I suggest he be demoted to scouting since he's pretty good at finding retirees and free agents no one has heard of since 1987 to come in and give us a boost. But as far as constructing a team, he's never really got it right.

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