Bullpen Takes Another Bullet To The Head

They're calling it Russian Roulette Relief, the daily load the chamber, put the reliever to your head, pull the trigger and watch another lead explode out of the back and splatter another blown victory all over the wall.

Congratulations, douchebag. You just blew another one.

Last night it was the Pirates who ate up a 5-1 lead Pedro had left the game with, satisfied with the outing after 99 pitches and a reasonable six innings under his belt.

Don't get too excited, Petey, there's still 3 innings and a piss pot bullpen to go...

It was a game, at that point, with the Pirates seemingly demoralised, that seemed one even the bullpen couldn't blow.

But they did.

Point fingers, break fingers, pull triggers, however you choose to deal with it the bottom line is that the Mets have NO PRAYER of winning the NL East or squeaking in as a wild card so long as the bullpen cannot hold a lead.

The definition of ugliness courtesy of the NY Times

And it wasn't just Aaron Heilman's fault last night. Sure, coming in as the closer to try and earn his third save, he collapsed after a promising beginning, no doubt.

But that doesn't absolve Joe Smith or Pedro Feliciano or Scott Schoenweiss from equal guilt for their own shitty outings.

Smith was the first one in to begin the 7th. A walk, a double, a run scored, a visit to the mound. Out he goes and in comes Feliciano.

A sacrifice bunt followed by a walk to put two men on and a run scoring double.

Just like that, a convincing 5-1 to lead is cut to 5-3, there's still two men in scoring position and only one out. Another coaching visit to the mound. Dan Warthen is getting more exercise in the late innings than he is in the other 23 1/2 hours of the day combined. Anyone in that shitty bullpen care to get some outs? Sac fly makes it 5-4 before Duaner Sanchez, the only reasonably competent arm out of the pen last night, mercifully ends the inning.

But of course we all knew by then we could forget about it.

Heilman and Schoenweiss only confirmed it.

So with the solution of this problem in essence, the make or break reality of the season, Manager Manuel has decided that none of the veteran pen is worthy of the closer role and Eddie Kunz, up from Double AA should get a shot.

It makes sense in the distorted way of this season which has seen so many guys from Double AA and Triple AAA carry or lead this team in the way several veterans have failed to do.

And if not Kunz, than maybe John Maine.

At this point he might as well bring in a drunk and doped up Amy Winehouse to be the closer.

Just gimme the bloody ball!

I'll tell you what, if Johan Santana doesn't insist on pitching a complete game, he's an idiot.


jdon said...

I am not opposed to puting Maine in the pen. It might save his shoulder from wear and tear. But that would require bringing up Niese, and not worrying about "starting the clock" or the precious 40 man roster with its 30 year old minor leaguers on it. Stokes is not the answer as a starter. Maybe a long man. Not a starter. If he is in long enough he will make a big mistake.

Jaap said...

between the delicacy of Maine, Pelfrey and Pedro any one of them could be potential closers to save wear and tear on weak body parts. Remember the talk last season of El Duque having such a role? Why not David Wright for that matter? Or Luis Castillo - christ knows he's doing nothing to merit his contract extension. Maybe John Franco would like a go or we can call up someone from the Cyclones to take a shot...the whole thing is absurd - 6 or 7 bloody pairs of arms in the bullpen and not a one can do their effin jobs.

jdon said...

Boy, that Amy Winehouse is some dish.

Johan goes 7 and 1/3 tonight. Why? Because we need more, of course.

Jaap said...

yeah in England, every 15 year old zombie has a poster of Amy Winehouse on their bedroom wall.

Anonymous said...

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