Sweep of the Braves!

Sure, we can love Omar Infante for losing the ball in the lights out there in left field and letting 5 for 5 Carlos Delgado's ball to deflect off his glove and David Wright to run home with the game winning run last night but Omar Infante hasn't been out there the last 17 games since Wagner went down and the Mets have won 13 games of those games, 9 of their last 10.

Omar Infante wasn't out there on the mound wearing Pedro's uniform to bravely come out for the 8th inning and at least try to keep the pen out of it.

Nor did Omar Infante make that crucial bunted double play in the 8th or make that perhaps questionable call in the top of the 9th

Omar Infante didn't pitch 1 1/3 innings of shutout relief like the newly acquired Luis Ayala did.

No, no, no. That was all the Mets doing. Nothing to do with Omar Infante at all.

Wright flies home

Slowly but surely, even with no closer, the Mets are beginning to look like they have the resilience and skill, and are working hard enough to create their own luck, all enough to see them poised to pull away and surprise baseball almost as much as they did in their horrific collapse of a year ago.

I know, premature, right?

But these are not the early 2008 Mets that followed any glimmer of hope with a hammer blow of disappointment to the skull.

Yes, the bullpen is still a big problem but you can almost get the sense watching the Mets play these last half dozen games that they are rising to the occasion, that all those dog days of earlier this season have helped them - the old what doesn't kill them will make them stronger adage might be applicable. They have gone through dark days, the sacking of their manager, the boos of the home crowd, the humiliation and disappointment and have come through on the other side.

My only fear is the return of Luis Castillo to douse the magical chemistry with lethargic play and a less-than-enthusiastic attitude. That, and of course, a closer by committee bullpen with little to no precedent for World Champions.

Still, it's difficult not to get a little giddy these days.

Sweeping the Braves will do that to you. Even an uncharacteristically crappy Braves team.


katherine said...

Wonderful photo of David's slide.

I have always been pretty resistant to his charms - he has seemed a bit packaged to me, you know? And too many endorsements.

But that desperate, wild flying dive really endeared him to me. He obviously wants it very, very badly.

jdon said...

Maybe we can have INS check Castillo's papers. There might be some irregularity or other in them. We certainly cannot expect Omar to tell him to go home for the winter "and get completely healthy"(snicker snicker). Of course, maybe he doesn't have papers? Maybe he was born in Brooklyn? One thing is sure: he cannot play second when Pelf pitches. That will add 4 hits to the opposing team's total.

Itsmetsforme said...

i like to think Infante lost the ball in the glare off of ramon castro's shiny dome.

Anyone else have the feeling the mets will call a cab to pick up Castillo to "bring him to the game"?

Jaap said...

katherine, i have to admit, i've never considered David Wright in a homoerotic way. He hits well, fields inconsistently yet brilliantly at times. I reckon it's his innocence and passion people take to. He was gonna score almost no matter what and I think that photo demonstrates it. Desire.

Jaap said...

jdon, I agree, there must be some way to keep Castillo from returning, the cancer. I'm not in the lockerroom so i dunno if that shite about him tainting Reyes is true, but given his play, I'm willing to believe it. Can we say irrovocable waivers?

Jaap said...

glad to see you've revisited the bunker, IMFM.

On the scale of improbabilities, which comes first, completed dissertation or Mets NL pennant?

Anonymous said...

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