Congrats, Tom

It only took one extra start for Tom Glavine last night to earn his 300th career win as the Mets won another series on the road, taking their 2nd of 3 games in an 8-3 victory over the Cubs.

The victory was powered by 3 hits from Jose Reyes, 4 hits from Luis Castillo, a pair of hits and 4 RBIs from Carlos Delgado who continues to look on the verge of a massive late season break out.

Part This Is Your Life, eulogy and part celebration as directed by the ESPN duo of Joe Morgan and Jon Miller, Glavine's 300th was earned by five opening shut out innings, driving in the first run of the game with his own bat and watching the offense make certain the bullpen couldn't blow this one, this time.

Only 58 of his 300 victories came in a Mets uniform but each season since his magical signing for the 2003 season, his victory total has grown; from 9 to 11 to 13 and 15 last season - he could well continue to surpass that mark again as he already has 10 at the beginning of August.

So congrats, Tom - even if the majority of those victories came as a hated Brave, I do believe you are finally forgiven...


Fire Joe Morgan website saves me countless words and all my breath wasted on whingeing about his existence in the ESPN booth.

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