For One Night, Squeaking By Is Enough

How many games in a row can Jorge Sosa pitch?

So far, four. And the last two have earned him victories, for himself and for the Mets. More victories in four games than he would have had in a month of starting. A total of 6 2/3 innings tossed, 8 hits and two earned runs. He's nearly obtained Aaron Heilman status when it comes to decisions by a relief pitcher.

Call me crazy but is it a wise move to have your senior citizen starter like El Duque throw 130 pitches so late in the season against a team like the Pirates? Is the bullpen getting that dodgy?

Something funny's going on - why else would Scott Schoeneweis be out there trying to give up the lead in the 8th inning? The rest of the pen was suffering from botulism? Or was he the only one available who could give up a long out to the warning track that Lastings Milledge could almost misjudge and then make an athletic diving catch to redeem himself? Is Willie trying hard to give us all a little excitement in our victories?

The Mets now have the best record in the league but if you think about their having lost two out of three against the Braves, losing two out of three to the Marlins and then this squeaky victory over the lowly Pirates you have to wonder aloud, is the quality of the NL that low that the Mets, even playing as poorly as they have of late, winning ugly when they win, are still the league's best?

It doesn't matter really. The season is about people like DeFelice rising to the occasion with a pair of hits although you have to wonder how long his octagenarian knees can keep squatting - and was the Duque/DeFelice battery the oldest in baseball? Certainly it was last night.

Funny thing how you can't hit homers from the DL

And it's also about the two most frequently injured outfielders, Alou and Beltran getting a pair of hits each, Alou's the deciding two-run single and Beltran adding a homer.

But once you're back...


Itsmetsforme said...

good point about el dee-el and using him for 130 soft tosses. maybe willie knows he and his rubber arm will soon be injured again, so why not smoke em if ya got em?

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