Mets Blow It For Selves And Glavine

Well, looks like Tom Glavine's 30 family members and friends will have to go back on the road again soon.

Say Good Bye To 300, Tommy Boy

Rather than celebrating his 300th career victory in his first try, Glavine and friends went home disappointed as the Mets bullpen, which was not strengthened as expected before the trade deadline, blew the lead Glavine and Mets batters had left for them as the Mets lost in 13 unlucky innings to the Brewers in Milwaukee.

Aaron Sele was the culprit justifiably hung with the loss but Aaron Heilman, Pedro Feliciano and of course, Guillermo Mota, could all be named and shamed for their failure to do what they're paid to do: get outs without surrendering runs.

With one out in the 8th, Glavine exited. Heilman allowed a leadoff bloop single by J.J. Hardy before retiring Ryan Braun. Feliciano hit Prince Fielder, the only batter he faced but perhaps better than allowing a homerun and Mota, dear auld Mota who appears disfunctional without his little needle and kit, surrendered a run-scoring double by Bill Hall, his first batter.

That the Mets managed to go another 5 innings before Sele allowed the fatal homer is a testament to the Mets generally but does nothing to soften the blow of:

A. Glavine's failure to reach 300 and the bullpen's failure to hold the lead.
B. Omar's failure to obtain any of the half dozen relievers who switched teams as the trade window closed.
C. Mets failure to beat the team with the best home record in the National League when they themselves have the best road record.

There were other culprits alright. You could mock the lack of timely hitting, the number of runners left on base, the usual culprits.

Will Castillo make up for a Rubbish Pen?

Or you could choose to take the high road, marvel in some of the defensive exploits; the unexpected grab by Shawn Green, the sparkling fielding by Luis Castillo in his debut, Jorge Sosa's scoreless debut in the bullpen. (and don't think you can get away with that slight of hand, obtaining no bullpen help and sticking Sosa in instead, we can tell the difference...)

There will be better days. Perhaps the pen itself was a bit deflated watching the water rising to near-nose high with no help summoned by Omar.

Or perhaps like most other pitchers bar 4, getting 300 in your first try is rather difficult. After all, look at how many embarassments Clemens suffered before getting there.


Itsmetsforme said...

My longest period being away from the mets since they invented the internet is almost over and i am returning home. thanks for keeping the fire of the baby blue metsblogs going.

on the plane ride, i plan to muse over this: why didn't anyone else want Castillo?

Catching up on Army, I notice this blog has been lacking in birds lately. I shall return to the bloggin life on sunday or so and I would appreciate what they call the "multiple bird salute" in my honor.

Jaap said...

I shall do my utmost to oblige you your bird salute in honour of your return. I hear Castillo in drag is quite an eye-opener.

Anonymous said...

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