Another Rotten Day In The Bullpen

Oh, sure. We could go ahead and add Alfonso Marquez to the Blind Umpires of America Federation.

But we already spent that loss, that pitiful John Maine meltdown in Chicago last weekend blaming an ump for the demise of the Mets and after awhile, the story just isn't going to be very credible.

Yes, Marquez bleeeeeeeew a call at home, calling Jose Reyes out when he was clearly safe and cutting short a rally, stopping the Mets from taking the lead, emptying the Mets ballon of Momentum as if he'd just popped it with a pin and stuck a wad of Marlin 50 dollar bills in his back pocket.

But more troubling still was the fact that for the second night in a row the bullpen failed to hold a lead, failed to secure a victory.

You pick your poison: Guillermo Mota or Aaron Heilman.

Willington send's Mota's lame offering to the bank

Personally, I thought Mota's the more predictable and Heilman's 30 or 40 pitch screed the more antagonising. I was climbing the walls by the time Cabrera hit that two-run single.

I mean Mota, baddabing, baddabang; two straight sliders for balls and there he is, 2-0 throwing to a fastball hitter like Willingham on a fastball count and there it is, in all its hideous predictability, simple grand slam surrendered. Typical mutt sort of pitching performance from a guy Willie keeps stubbornly insisting is the bad penny that won't leave his bullpen and keeps turning up over and over again to send the Mets stumbling.

Really, I thought the Mets had it after David Wright's second homer of the day. Did you see HJ and Willie giggling to each other in the dugout right after that shot? They thought it was in the bag as well. I mean, this is the Marlins after all. What is this, some sort of sick practical joke?

Who's Laughing Now?

So Tom Glavine can thank his bullpen for blowing another victory for him. Or maybe he's just thankful they didn't blow that lead for him last week that got him to 300. Either way, he's got no chance to be like Warren Spahn, who threw 7 complete game victories in his first 7 games pitched after reaching 300. Maybe Spahny had a few mutts like Mota and Heilman to keep him throwing.


sanchez said...

there's only so many days you can keep consoling yourself with hey, the Mets are still in first. I'm very very concerned about the bullpen - or praying very hard the Mets can rally for five runs in the 9th every night...

Jaap said...

You know, one sometimes wonder why can't it be Guillermo Mota pulling a hamstring or having his teeth smashed out or his shoulder yanked from the socket in a taxicab crash?

Why can't Aaron Heilman trip on a shoelaces and fall down the dugout steps or get run over by the bullpen cart?

Itsmetsforme said...

in the grand tradition of met relievers with a's and m's in their names, mota pitches dumb.

i hope i never win 300 games in the bigs, cause i wouldnt want to have to insure an ugly ass car just to be polite. Or find something to do with 300 golf balls.

Jaap said...

Well when I win 300 games I'm going to celebrate by sacrificing 300 Met relief pitchers from past and present who can't do what their bloody well paid to do. Get some bloody outs and get out of the inning. Sounds so simple and yet...

Anonymous said...

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