Bullpen Redeems Itself - Sweep Averted

Didn't think you'd have to say this against the Marlins did you, but, good news, the Mets avoided a sweep.

And making up for 2 consecutive blown saves the bullpen tossed 4 scoreless innings to hold the Marlins whilst power sources like Moises Alou (7 homers all season, 3 multi-homer games...) and Carlos Delgado (who was not robbed today for a change...) helped push the Mets up to 10 runs on the day allowing everyone to breath a sigh of relief.

So for the moment everyone can put away their bulleye's and their scorecards and let those laments about the bullpen being their great undoing die mid-sentence. For a night, all is back to normal.

Jose Reyes had a nice comeback on his own as well, one day after wrongly being called out at home plate he managed to kick the Marlins catcher "unintentionally" in the face, watch the ball squirt loose and avoided another fatal cock-up by the home plate umpire.

All in all a redeeming day which almost made up for the long gaps in Tom Seaver's rambling theories on the death of the 300 game winners and Ralph Kiner's slurring and off speed pronouncements about...well, I dunno, I couldn't really understand him. Well done in the booth! It beats Fox and ESPN any day.

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