SuBwAy SeRiEs PrEgAme...

It's very difficult to imagine enthusiasm for a Subway Series wherein Jeremi Gonzalez is the starting pitcher for the Mets.

Oh, let's just go ahead and rub it in...Scott Kazmir became the youngest American League pitcher to have six wins by May 16 since Vida Blue did it for Oakland in 1971. His 16 wins since the All-Star break are second only to Jose Contreras, of the White Sox. And since Opening Day 2005, he has made 19 starts in which he's given up one or no earned runs.

But let's face it, he's no Jeremi Gonzalez, is he then?

I'm probably wrong but equally too lazy to check but I don't remember a time that the Mets were going into a Subway Series with a better record than the Yankees. (24-16 v 23-16)...[Belated thanks to Metsradamus who helpfully notes that the answer is three. 2006, 2000, and 1998.]

"Well, the road trip is in the past," Carlos Beltran said of losing three straight series' on the road. Beltran, who has five homers and 13 RBIs in his last 12 games can afford to feel a little non-chalant perhaps. "As a team, you go through a lot of ups and downs. You know, we're hitting a bump and we're looking forward to getting out of it."

I'm looking forward to it to. Let's hope it happens.

Wonder if it's too late to comment on what a massive wank Joe DiMaggio was when it came to his Marilyn Monroe dealings.

"No jealousy. Remember this is not your wife. She is a fine girl and remember how unhappy you made her. Happiness is what you strive for — for HER," the first page of his notes to himself about how to behave says.

Even kissing her looked like a superhuman effort - look at that face contortion...

Does this sound like a guy who could hit 56 games in a row?

1."Don't ever be critical,"
2."Be nice to her friends,"
3."Remember how lonesome and unhappy you are — especially without her,"

That should be worth at least a season of Subway Series mockery...

Speaking of pussies, this has to be one of the all-time whimp outs, the beginning of the end for Mike Piazza, the Idiot Who Said Meeting Rush Limbaugh Was Like Meeting George Washington (no, we have not forgotten and never will...:

Someone has gone ahead and played out a 2006 Subway World Series - no need to bother watching the rest of the season....

Oct. 24, Game Three

Roger Clemens returns from a family vacation in the Bahamas to pitch for the Yankees and collect his $5 million for the start. He shuts out the Mets for seven innings, then hits Paul Lo Duca with a pitch. Watching from the stands, Mike Piazza charges the mound and beats Clemens senseless. The Yankees win 5-1 but Mets fans celebrate. Police try to charge Piazza with assault, but no witnesses come forward."

and then,

Oct. 25, Game Four

Victor Zambrano, pitching left-handed, twirls a six-hit shutout and strikes out 10 for the Mets in a 4-0 win. "He's a natural lefty; I knew it was something we saw in him," Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson says. "What a trade."

Funny guy, that Peter Abraham.


Metstradamus said...

Believe it or not Jaap, tonight's trivia question on WPIX was "How many times have the Mets had a better record than the Yankees going into one of their interleague series?" The answer, surprisingly, was three. 2006, 2000, and I think 1998.

Jaap said...

Thanks, Metstra - hopefully the fact that one occurred in 2000 is a good sign...

Itsmetsforme said...

i want to say thank you for calling Mike Piazza a pussy in public. I have said it before, and mocked his ridiculous brand of professional athelete pseudointellectual reactionary-ism but had to pretend i was joking. I am betting that Piazza was the Mets' Nomar--the face of the club who had to be jettisoned for the greater good. The ws incident with the obviously roided up clemens is incontrovertable proof that Mike was a big fat pussy, only brave enough to chase around 105 lb Dodger pitchers. I mean i loved the guy, but a pussy is a pussy. Once a pussy, always a pussy. Pussy is fun to say.


Jaap said...

Certainly more fun than saying "Limbaugh-loving Republican twat", indeed.
I don't think he was the face of the Mets for more than a season or two. Thereafter he was the arse of the Mets. The running joke. Mr Two Hop.