The Army Stops Marching

I believe the Mets will win the World Series this year.

It takes half the fun out of it. But the other half is that I can't keep on with listening to games that start at 1 am and having to go to work, etc.

March along, the Mets will. This will be, I belive an historic season.

If you read this blog, I suggest you now read instead, or in addition to, this dude.



Metstradamus said...


I'm extremely sorry to hear that you are shutting it down. You are, in my humble estimation, extremely entertaining...and you put together a great blog.

Good luck in your studies. I for one hope that down the line you change your mind and make a triumphant return!


Itsmetsforme said...

what? say it ain't so! i too must watch the games at ridiculous hours on the internet from overseas so i feel your pain.
But I always enjoyed your site, so I hope your shutdown isn't permanant. Best of luck. IMFM

adenzeno said...

I have enjoyed your Blog immensely-Thank you for your time and effort- hopefully you will still write some here

New York Sports Page said...

Arrived late to your blog, but really enjoyed it. Please drop us all a note if you ever have the time to come back and do it some more.

Toasty Joe said...

Sorry to see you go. I heartily endorse Metstradamus' blog as well as my own as alternatives.

jdon said...

Adios. But keep your options open, okay?

Anonymous said...

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