Sandman's Hour Glass Runs Out

An utter reversal of fortune.

Friday night it was Billy Wagner striking out the side in the 9th and Mariano Rivera blowing the save.

Yesterday, it was Wagner's turn to put the goat's head on.

A four run lead wasn't enough as he completed a Looperesque meltdown by first walking a run home with the bases loaded and then hitting Bernie Williams to cut a 4-0 lead to 4-3. The man who looked like the man looked decidedly like the mouse yesterday, blowing another certain Pedro victory after a particularly poignant outing.

No, Pedro left the game after 7 innings pitched, no runs and a mere four hits along with 8 strikeouts.

Of course, once Wagner was cashed, back to back ballgames causing his slider not to break and command of his fastball to be non-existent.

And if that wasn't bad enough, with the pen depleted, Jorge Julio came in to give up the inevitable losing run.

Two games, two 4-0 leads blown.

Instead of looking at a possible sweep the Mets will now be trying to avoid losing the Subway Series at home.

They should build a statue in his hometown Caracas demonstrating precisely this posture and calling it Ode To A Loser, Armandogeddon Wanne-Be

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