If It Aint Beltran, Don't Fix It

It's being reported that with the injury to centerfielder Mike Cameron, the Mets are now considering Eric Byrnes.

Byrnes batted .283 with 20 homers and 73 RBIs in 143 games with the A's in 2004, stealing 17 bases in 18 attempts which is more than adequate to replace Cameron but the problem is, it might take top prospects Yusmeiro Petit or Lastings Milledge to get them. Hmmmm. I guess losing future ace Scott Kazmir in a sloth-minded trade for damaged goods to Tampa Bay wasn't enough of a giveaway of future pitching prospects to teach the Idiot Collective a lesson.

On the upside, Byrnes is known for his all-out play, exactly the sort of hustle and character the Mets should be looking for, but would probably be better suited to a 4th outfielder role rather than a starter. In fact, he's perfect for the job of replacing Cameron but not at the costs mentioned. For that price, this is probably more wishful thinking than reality.

Another one making the rounds is Kaz for Winn. Randy Winn is a switch-hitter with some power, runs well and plays two of the three outfield positions. He also is signed for two more years for nearly $4 million a season--on the cheap. Last season he hit .286 with a .346 OBP and .427 Slugging Pct. but his numbers were significantly better on the road than at home. He also stole 21 bases although struck out 98 times compared with 53 walks.

Of course ultimately, the irony of getting Winn would be in that Winn was the player Tampa sent to Seattle to get manager Loooooooou Piniella thereby depriving the Mets of the opportunity.

Depending on what you thought of overpaying for overrated and rapidly ageing outfield replacement, the news that Moises Alou is San Fran-Bound should do your heart some good and allow you a collective sigh of relief although two years at $13.75 million was significantly cheaper than what was rumoured he was after from the Mets.

Although nothing has really happened yet, the general consensus seems to have locked in on the Mets going for Carlos Delgado, The Willie Randolph Clone. It would be nice to see that deal done so Omar can continue to pursue options for a virtually depleted outfield.

"My" choice for platoon OF, David Dellucci has re-signed with the Rangers.

At least the Orber Moreno aspect of the bullpen is sorted. Orber saw action in 33 games, going 3-1 with a 3.38 ERA. In 34.2 innings pitched, he struck out 29 and walked 11. There's still no decent set up to get to closer Brandon Looper but this, we can hope, is merely a matter of time as Omar chases and hunts down all the options.

Also wondered why nobody in the Mets organisation seemed to flinch when the Astros let Wade Miller go. Yeah, he had season-ending rotator cuff injury last season, but he did but he went 7-7 with a 3.35 ERA in 15 starts before going on the disabled list June 29. I think this was a steal for the Red Sox to sign him to a contract with a $1.5 million base salary and $3 million in incentives. Where was Omar? Still romancing the Sosa?

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