All's Quiet On The Winter Meeting Front

After Saturday's brief flurry of activity, the winter meetings returned to it's more speculative form on Sunday.

This could be because Omar Is Laying the Groundwork For Future Deals.

Groundwork, as we all know, is usually very quiet and tiring work, especially on the voice and eyes.

"A lot of groundwork's been done here," Minaya said Sunday. "My voice is tired, my eyes are tired. I would say that we've explored as many options as possible."

Well, if making insinuations that Sexson and Alou are in the bag, or chasing the same old Pedro dog day in and day out even after it's clear to everyone in the baseball world but Omar by now that Pedro used Omar as a his dancing media monkey to get the Red Sox to increase their offer, can be considered "groundwork", well, he's been quite a busy lad. Realistically, all he's done in the last several weeks is lay the groundwork for our disappointment.

However, Minaya is also confident that useful players will be available as late as February or March.

"We'll find somebody," he said. "I don't feel there's a rush to do things."

Well, that is a comfort. The more I think about it, the foxier I think that Omar Minaya really is. Oh, he's a clever one alright. No need to get things done during winter meetings like everyone else. That's the easy way out. Only losers do it that way. Everyone knows the clever GMs wait until Spring Training has already started before they start making their trades and signing their players.

Actually, it wasn't until February that the Yankees traded for A-Rod last season, but unless Tim Hudson isn't gobbled up before Christmas, I don't see any potential trades going down so late this year.

Fess up, Omar. You made a big splash, but so far you haven't proven you can swim.

As Joel Sherman reported back at the beginning of October, Omar's Bag Has No Magic Cure.


It was reported in the NYT that the rumours about the KazMan going to Boston, or anywhere else, are unfounded.

"Kaz Matsui is going to be our second baseman next year," Minaya said. "We are not talking or entertaining anything with Kaz Matsui."

And we can all rest easy now. In wonderful news for us all here and everywhere, the Times also reported that catcher Mike Piazza has ended the silent treatment and has finally lowered himself to speak with his manager. That's right, manager Willie Randolph said he talked to him by phone for whole 10 minutes on Sunday, the first time the two had spoken since Randolph got the job on Nov. 3. I wonder if Mike finally just got tired of listening to Willie's voice on his answering machine twenty times a day.

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