Convenient Injury or Fate?

Some might call it mere coincidence that in the middle of the first rumours of a Met low-key hunt for centerfielder free agent supahstah Carlos Beltran, the Mets own starting centerfielder, Mike Cameron, goes down for at least the beginning of the season with a sudden wrist injury. Archie Bunker's Army calls is fate in the race to chase The Carlos.

Yes, the story is true, after arthroscopic surgery on his left wrist, it was revealed that Mike Cameron will miss beginning of season and the Mets officially have no centerfielder to start the season just at the same time the hunt begins for the best centerfield free agent in baseball. Hmmmm.

Further still to Cameron's surgery, since he will not swing a bat for three months, it's a pretty safe bet that even once he starts playing, offensively, he's going to be a bigger non-factor than even last season's .231 batting average would indicate.

Immediately, even if it is only foreplay at the fore of the Met mind, this image pops up like visions of sugar plum faeries dancing in our collective Met heads.

Likely a dose of wishful holiday thinking but one must wonder at the timing.

And what a holiday-way to reveal the injury. Apparently, it was whilst playing Santa at Shea, that Cameron revealed the left wrist injury that he'd sustained while batting on Sept. 21 in Montreal and had aggravated during off-season workouts at his home in Atlanta. Hohoho. Merry Christmas, Mets fans. Now Omar's got an even more legitimate reason to chase baseball's most expensive free agent.

from the More Bad News Dept:

If you were hoping mini-Pedro was going to join him here at Shea, forget it. Nelson de la Rosa, better known as Pedro Martinez's miniature sidekick and Boston Red Sox good luck charm, is upset at his former friend, and vows to support the Red Sox instead of moving over to the Mets.

Well who wants a Red Sox good luck charm anyway? It's time for Pedro to start a city-wide search to find Mr Midget Met or Mini Met, or whatever the hell we might call him.

It's in times like these you have to wonder: where would we if Hank the Angry, Drunken Dwarf were still alive.

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